Geek Goggle Reviews: Thor God Of Thunder #12

by Jeff

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1488869 Geek Goggle Reviews: Thor God Of Thunder #12Thor: God of Thunder #12
Marvel Comics
Aaron & Klein

Thor takes an issue to reestablish the status quo and give the heroes a chance to rest. What this issue offers is just how effective a standalone issue can be once in a while when done properly and timed just right. Jason Aaron provides a compelling read that offers up the difficult idea that Thor can move mountains but can’t help everyone or solve all the problems. This is a fantastic one shot to read and it might also provide a good jumping on point for those that are looking for one.

While the issue does touch on all three Thors, the focus is on the modern day one as he gets three interesting snippets that help define him as more mortal than God.

The first scene has Thor visiting a friend on death row as he is about to have his last meal. This scene seems to be relying on continuity to get the depth of the relationship but the few pages spent on this scene are powerful nonetheless.

Next, Aaron moves to a SHIELD graduation where Thor shows up as a surprise date for a graduate. It seems clear that Aaron has plans for this new character and while the date acceptance is taken from a real-life scenario, the scene is a great one.

Finally, Aaron reintroduces the character of Jane Foster. These scenes are equal parts funny, moving and character defining. Foster has cancer is going through treatment. She must convince Thor that this is her fight. Thor refuses to accept his helpless role in this battle but Foster persists. It’s a very moving scene and it really provides relatable feelings to any reader that has had a family member go through an illness. The help you can give is very limiting indeed.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Thor God Of Thunder #12Klein steps in as the artist and provides some consistent art within the issue and with the series a whole. There are some pretty dramatic moments in here with not a lot of action and Klein delivers well as the scenes are sold through the visuals as much as the dialogue.

Thor is coming off a long eleven issue story so it is nice to get a change in gears. While elements of that story are referenced here they are not essential to enjoy this comic. This is a terrific story that brings in old and new characters and helps to push Thor into the next phase of his story. This is worth checking out.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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