Geek Goggle Reviews: THE MIGHTY THOR #4

by Jeff

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678449_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: THE MIGHTY THOR #4The Mighty Thor #4
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Dauterman & Wilson

“The Mighty Thor” doesn’t pull any punches with this installment. While the cliffhanger promises a great comic coming up next, this issue is quite a good one as well. In some ways there are a couple of major plots boiling to a head making this is a very packed comic book. The artwork appears to be outdoing itself each issue as the story builds. This is definitely an issue to check out.

Let’s see, we have a female lead that doesn’t get respect from any other character that isn’t a woman. The female elf is forced to marry the evil dark elf and the Queen is put on trial by her husband for treason. Do I sense a theme here? At first glance you might think this comic book has something against woman. Or you could take it a different way.

Queen Freyja continues to stand her ground against All-Father Odin who seems to have gone mad. She doesn’t stand alone either as she has plenty of support from the other Gods. Thor seems to be in the middle of a bunch of conflicts at the same time, but she stands her ground each and every time and projects bravery and strength that may sit above all others in the comic. The light elf that is forced into marriage seems like an easy way to give the dark elf more power. I wasn’t sold on this development at all and Aaron seemed to take the easy way out.

The comic has plenty of action to keep the comic book moving along but there is plenty of drama as well. The firestorm of words between Odin and Freyja was fantastic as it seemed to be a long time coming. The comic leaves off with an unforgettable cliffhanger.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: THE MIGHTY THOR #4The artwork is very good. There is an opening sequence where Jane Foster is falling from the sky, seemingly to her death. This, while she is reaching for her hammer. This sequence is very well done and really frames up how the issue unfolds. The comic only gets better from there as each new sequence provides its own level or drama from the pictures. This is a very strong artistic effort that brought the tension up a notch for the story.

“The Mighty Thor” provides an excellent read this time out as a lot of plots are beginning to come to a head. Freyja is on trial and has a great confrontation with her husband. Thor can’t save the light elves from the darkness. Thor loses her patience with things and starts a major development at the book’s conclusion. When you add excellent artwork to the mix you have a very good comic book. If you aren’t reading this title then you are missing out. I definitely recommend picking this up.

4.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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