Geek Goggle Reviews: Superior Iron Man #4

by Jeff

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662477_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Superior Iron Man #4Superior Iron Man #4
Marvel Comics
Taylor, Cinar, Hamscher, Palmer & Guru-eFX

Superior Iron Man is taking a very bad editorial direction and making the most of it with a pretty decent storyline. This issue brings the Stark-Daredevil feud to a head but it reveals another interesting angle to the Stark mindset and game-play. It’s actually a pretty good comic book despite some of the character concept flaws. I am curious to see where all of this is going. I was entertained with this issue.

Stark decides to go to the public to face the issue of class warfare over his new app. His new app is so expensive that those without are chasing down those with. Stark delivers a nice speech about how this will make those without reach a little harder for the next social and economic rung. He also announces he has drones flying all over the city tracking down any criminal activity. Stark is Big Brother and the city’s Sugar Daddy all rolled into one.

Daredevil figures out the app isn’t really anything more than a trigger. You see evil Stark has infected the population with a virus. Everyone has it already, but the app hits a frequency to trigger it “on.” This is all very Joker-like of Stark and brings us to the central problem with this issue and the previous three.

Stark is inverted. But he really isn’t. He’s really the same person only less compassionate. But only by a notch to the point it’s barely noticeable. This whole inversion idea from Axis never held any weight at all and none of the writers have been able to do anything with the heroes turned villains angle. Stark is among the worst of the bunch. It would have been so much easier to simply have Stark fall off the wagon. A relapsed alcoholic fits his behavior so much better than an inversion of the character. Frankly, the character doesn’t make any sense and comes across as satirical at best.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Superior Iron Man #4The artwork has a simplicity to it that leaves me wanting more. I would have expected a lot more detail from Cinar and this book doesn’t look nearly as “superior” as you would think it should. It has a silver age feel to the art that is fine but it leaves something to be desired with the story that Taylor is telling.

Superior Iron Man has a good idea with the app craze on the city. It also has some decent supporting characters floating in and out of the book. Stark is depicted brilliantly at times and comically wrong others. The book has a lot going for it and is definitely organized in a succinct fashion. The book is worth checking out.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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