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by Jeff

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nov090634 Geek Goggle Reviews: Supergod #3Supergod #3 of 5
Avatar Comics
Ellis & Gastonny

With two issues of mostly origin stories about some of the main super powered beings, or Gods, I had assumed this issue would finally bring about some conflict. It does not. Instead it introduces another character and moves pieces in place to potentially battle each other and destroy the world. Going in, I would have been very disappointed at the prospect of more set up, however this comic actually brings something different to the table that made it very enjoyable. The comic book is very entertaining despite the lack of action.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Supergod #3The issue pretty much opens with the best part of the comic book as the narrator, Reddin, explains how he eventually gained enough courage to confront Morrigan Lugus. Lugus used to be three astronauts that were merged and turned into some sort spore based creature that had a strong control over humans. Reddin gets Lugus to explain itself and it does to some great length. As you might expect the dialogue is heavy on the science fiction terms and the symbolism. However, what I took out of this is was that no matter how much these characters act as though they have created Gods, they all really just wanted powerful weapons.

The next super powered player is Dajjal. Dajjal is one of the more interesting creations because it can pass through time. As a result, Dajjal appears to be interfacing with Reddin as Reddin gives his account of the “past”. It’s an interesting way to tell this story and added some depth to this particularly issue.

The ending of the comic book has Reddin attempt some manipulation of Lugus to assist in confronting one of the rogue super powered beings. This presumably will backfire badly and I look forward to the destruction.

The artwork has had a tough task with primarily showcasing a guy sitting on a pile of rubble. However, the issue lacks no details. There’s a lot to like in here as it presents a level of realism while keeping the fantastical elements of a good science fiction epic.

To me, this series has been a story that seems to be more like a “What If Every Nation Created a Captain America” rather than a sharp look at people creating their own Gods. The character distinction is well thought out as each nation seems to have different agendas, but all closely related to domination. The interesting part of this story has been the lack of government involvement in favor of almost exclusively scientific involvement. There is a good bit of irony in that idea. I like this series and this issue adds some nice plot twist to hook in the battle for the remaining two issues. This was a fun comic book.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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