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by Jeff

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663325_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Star Wars #2Star Wars #2
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Cassaday & Martin

Action. That’s the word to describe this comic book. From the first page to the last page, Aaron and company provides an exciting and fast-paced Star Wars read. While this issue doesn’t really contain any plot developments, it does contain a couple of small nuggets that the die-hard Star Wars fan might enjoy. The book is a fun read that doesn’t go too deep into anything and is easily accessible to the most novice of fan. I recommend checking this out.

Vader squares off against Luke. Yes, this first occurred on screen in “The Empire Strikes Back” but the comics take small liberties here and there. After all, there have been other comics and novels that have already covered the first-duel-before-Empire before so this is nothing new. However, the confrontation allows for a good moment between the pair before the roof caves in.

Han driving an AT-AT is pretty cool. Han driving an AT-AT with Leia screaming in his ear while trying to step on Darth Vader is much cooler. The book throws in a good battle that rallies the Stromtroopers looking to stop the rebels and the slaves escaping. This while R2-D2 and a Jawa (that’s right a Jawa) are trying to get the weapons online. If that wasn’t enough the Falcon is being dismantled while Threepio was “protecting” her. The comic is a ton of fun to read.

There are a couple of slips with the dialogue. Assuming that every reader has seen the original trilogy, Obi-Wan was never once referred to as “Master Kenobi” by either Luke or Yoda. Only when Vader is lecturing Obi-Wan about the circle of things did Vader allude to Kenobi being his master. Why would Luke call him “Master Kenobi?” He wouldn’t. He wouldn’t have known that was even a title. Along the same lines, when did Leia give orders to people? Commanding Han in the previous issue was odd, but now commanding Threepio? Strange. Aaron can use some help tightening up these slips.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Star Wars #2The artwork presents the biggest drain on the comic. Sure, there is plenty of action and it is mostly depicted well. However, too many faces are absent eyes, the range of the core characters is limited to exact looks seen in the movies and Cassaday struggles drawing a consistently good Stromtrooper. It feels like the book is trying hard to cover up the absent details with heavy shading. This is not a great looking book but it is a good looking book. Cassaday nails the AT-AT and some of the action panels and that helps to push this book along.

Star Wars is proving to be a fun read. This comic book definitely is catering towards the masses with exciting scenes and easy-to-follow plots. All of the core characters are playing a role in this opening arc and it is proving to be a run ride. I recommend checking this out.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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