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by Jeff

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660776_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Sinergy #1Sinergy #1
Image Comics
Avon Oeming & Soma

Sinergy is mature reader comic book despite the art appearing to be of a lighthearted and fun nature. The premise is that a teenager is about to head off to college and has her first sexual encounter. This triggers something inside her that allows her to see through human disguises that monsters wear. Oh and this talent is shared by her Dad. The book is an okay read but I felt there were a couple of nagging holes in the comic. Too many for my tastes. This is worth a look if you like something a little different.

The opening jumps right to the task at hand as the teenagers are in bed finishing things off. The girl screams. The Dad enters. The boy runs off. The girl doesn’t hear from the boy for days. Stop if you haven’t seen, done or heard this dozens of times before. The difference here is the girl screams because her boyfriend appears to her as a monster the second he finishes things up.

The book then spends some time where the reader gets to know the girl and her parents through their interactions. Eventually the dad pulls the girl aside and tries to shed some light on what she saw. At the end of the comic we get the monster’s perspective on the events that occurred as it seems there will be some kind of battle for Earth. It’s definitely very Buff the Vampire Slayer-like.

The story is straight forward enough. The comic puts the story on a fast pace from the beginning and doesn’t stop. The comic also manages to give a nice and unique voice to the dad. The girl not as much in this issue. This is a comic that isn’t tough to get into and get some entertainment from.

The comic has some drawbacks. Particularly the idea that humans and monsters can even have sex. Also, that the dad didn’t meet the boy/monster prior to this or take out after the monster when he saw him is strange in light of what the dad is. Finally, the motive of the boy/monster isn’t clear either. Was he trying to get close to the dad to kill him? It’s a strange mix with the events and the reasons behind them in this book.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Sinergy #1As mentioned the art is nice. It’s a clean book with nice touches to make the characters, scenes and flow all have a detailed and polished look. The colors are bright and really enhance the detailed and sharp pencils. Visually, this is a very good comic book.

Sinergy has a lot of potential. The first issue sets the direction and now seeing where his is headed will probably determine the long-term prospects for the story. I like what I saw in this book but I did find the plot to be a little loose for my tastes. I recommend checking this, especially if you are a fan of Buffy. This is a series to keep an eye on.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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