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by Jeff

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676729_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: SILVER SURFER #1Silver Surfer #1
Marvel Comics
Slott, Allred & Allred

“Silver Surfer” launches with a fun issue that establishes the characters and sets up a longer story arc, while telling a self-contained one-shot. Generally, the comic is a lighthearted read but I’m not sure it qualifies as an all ages book. The artwork is very detailed and extraordinarily colored, which really brings the book to another level of life. Overall, this is a good read even though it appears to be a simple read.

The story is a very straightforward one. An alien force invades Earth to steal its culture. In doing so, it wipes every movie, book, piece of art and everything in between off the face of the Earth as well as the memories of them. Surfer figures out what’s happening and comes up with an easy plan to stop it.

The comic is equal parts plot and getting to know the lead characters. Surfer travels with an Earth woman, Dawn. The pair stop some bad guys in the beginning allowing the reader to get to know Dawn and her personality. We also get a glimpse into how the pair interact with each. Eventually Dawn and Surfer head to Earth to visit Dawn’s family which helps build out the supporting cast a little bit.

The book has a lot of high points. For example, the psychedelic trip the reader is sent on is a great part of the comic as Surfer figures out what’s happening. Also, the battle with the aliens is a fun sequence because the aliens take on the look and persona of every protagonist from Earth’s culture that can be found. The book doesn’t hit these moments out of the park without the artwork.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: SILVER SURFER #1The artwork has a lively look to it. The colors during the scene where the culture is getting ripped from Earth might be largest array I’ve ever seen. The scene where the aliens are dressed as the protagonists is a very creative and fun part of the comic book. Each pass through the scene you might spot a different hero that you didn’t notice in a previous read through. The art isn’t perfect though. There is a strange scene where Dawn is talking with her sister and Surfer appears to be holding her back as if she’s attacking her. I’m not sure why that panel is drawn that way. Is this a photo reference or did I miss something in the story? Overall, the artwork is very good and tells a nice visual story.

“Silver Surfer” launches with a fun read. The comic book lets the reader get to know Surfer and his human friend, Dawn, while stopping a couple of bad guys here and there. The supporting cast, Dawn’s family, also gets an introduction as the plot begins to unfold. The comic’s story is a fairly simple one as an alien force is sucking the culture off of Earth. The book has a couple of unique surprises to make the comic memorable. The artwork contributes a creative and colorful presentation that rounds out the read. Overall, this is a good comic in what looks to be a good series. I’d give this comic a try.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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