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by Jeff

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662056_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Secret Six #2Secret Six #2
DC Comics
Simone, Lashley, Geraci & Wright

The second issue of the highly anticipated “Secret Six” saw some heavy delays supposedly because of artwork problems. This issue would have been better served being delayed a little longer. I couldn’t make sense of the artwork on several pages and with a script that is not at all inviting to a new reader, or one that needs help recalling character’s names, looks and powers, this book is a solid miss. While the bulk of the issue covers Catman and his own personal imprisonment, it only adds to the confusion, visually and story-wise because of the similarities between the then and now stories. This book just needed to bake longer.

The artwork is all over the place. The credits may not reveal all of the hands that added into this collection of artwork. The line work is heavy at times and absent at others. The coloring covers such a vast array from light shading to detailed transitions from component to component that on each page turn creates the question, “is this an advertisement?” for a split second. The book has action scenes that simply can’t be rendered by the human eye. Missing backgrounds, floors, ceilings and depth, these scenes give a dream-like quality that loses all character-to-character placement unfortunately. Panels appear to have limited flow to them and because of the coloring seem to have been added out of sequence. The art isn’t terrible on its own, but it’s terrible for this comic book and story within.

The script doesn’t help matters at all. The Catman origin is basically the same thing as the present situation except he’s alone. Being locked away in a cell and getting mentally tortured juxtaposed with being locked in a room and being tortured is not terribly original. The primary problem is that with six characters, some totally new, they need to stand out. With the artwork failing in that department, for the females at least, the script needs to court the reader as to who they are and what they do. This was not done nearly enough. I can’t even find some of their names in the entire book. I’m still not sure all six are even in the comic book.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Secret Six #2What did Simone get right? She advanced the plot in a huge way. I had concerns that these characters were going to hang out in this tub for six issues gauging each other’s toughness. That doesn’t happen. Simone pushes this book on its way and it’s a great way to end the book. Frankly, it saves this book from complete doom.

Art is an acquired taste. Comic books should at least stay consistent within the covers. This book does not do that. Compounding that, the story doesn’t help the reader to know the character’s depictions and their powers. This makes scenes like the action sequences seem like a mess or a blur. The book’s ending is a great one and this helps to push the book into a good direction. Being a fan of this concept and of the writer makes this issue a huge disappointment. I’ve waited years for this launch, I would have waited another month for a solid second issue.

2 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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