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by Jeff

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mar100567d Geek Goggle Reviews: Secret Avengers #1Secret Avengers #1
Marvel Comics
Brubaker, Deodato & Beredo

With the Heroic Age in full affect in the Marvel Universe there has come a bevy of new Avengers books. This one has the hook that it is led by Steve Rogers. Steve Rogers, not as Captain America but as something a bit darker that operates on the fringes. This book basically picks up the vibe that we saw in the initial issues of Brubaker’s Captain America. It has a black ops feel to it, but the difference is that Rogers is pulling the strings of his team of operatives rather than doing all of the leg work himself. It’s a good issue for introducing the team and tying in a plot.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Secret Avengers #1Rogers puts together his team in this issue. Many of the team members make sense as they are characters that you normally associate with Rogers, such as Sharon Carter. Others, like Ant-Man or Moon Knight, may not make sense on the surface but are explained in a couple of flashbacks in this issue. The rest of the team seems to be a collection of characters that might have something to add or that they simply don’t fit with any other Avengers-like team. The team that is formed is certainly an interesting collection.

The plot of the issue is that the Secret Avengers are after something that seems to be wrapped up with Roxxon. A couple of team members uncover bits of the overall plot and, while hidden to the reader, leads them to Mars. Yes, the planet Mars. You can’t say this issue isn’t trying to do something different right off the bat. The issue ends with a terrific cliffhanger for the second issue.

The artwork does its best to keep the issue dark and noir-like but at the heart of it, the art and the issue is still super hero based and just can’t help looking epic. Sure, some of the dark scenes that have some fighting fit right in with the spy-like stories from the early Brubaker Captain America run, but the flying characters and some of the situations just can’t help look awesome. This isn’t your typical noir looking comic book but it is outstanding nonetheless.

Brubaker takes his shot at an Avengers team that doesn’t quite fit the normal Avengers mold. It’s a good story that introduces the team and brings about an interesting dilemma and cliffhanger. While the plot is still very hazy, the story flows nicely and creates a nice mystery behind the action and fast paced story. This is a good first issue and an intriguing one at that.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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