Geek Goggle Reviews: Scalped #39

by Jeff

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apr100285 Geek Goggle Reviews: Scalped #39Scalped #39
Vertigo Comics (DC)
Aaron & Guera

The Unwanted story arc begins with this issue. Essentially, the set up is that Carol, Dash’s sometimes girlfriend and the daughter of the Chief, Red Crow, is pregnant. This issue really sets the stage to draw the comparisons between Carol’s first pregnancy, the current pregnancy and her mother’s pregnancy as well as the days of being a mother to Carol. The issue excels in its character work and the overall connections being drawn by the decisions and ramifications of the three pregnancies. The issue is among the best I’ve read in this series that doesn’t contain any high level of violence. The way the issue plays out I also think a new comer could pick this up and find a compelling read.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Scalped #39The issue is split into two stories that are very much tied together. In the present, the issue deals with Carol in the early days of her pregnancy. Carol is a drug addict and generally not fit to raise a child. Carol is broken. At this point we don’t know who the father is, but it is likely that it is Bad Horse. The obvious choice here for Carol is to abort the baby. However, because Carol’s previous pregnancy ending so horrifically how can she really go through with an abortion? Especially knowing how badly she wanted to get pregnant a second time? The story is presented in a very emotional and dramatic way. Carol finds a different solution to her problem though, that will have some big implications in further issues for many other characters.

The second piece to the issue deals with Carol’s mother, Claudine. To this point we know very little about Carol’s mother. This issue not only frames what Claudine’s relationship was like with Red Crow, but it also enumerates the ultimate ending of Claudine in Carol’s life. This provides some amazing insight into the character of Red Crow as well as the life that Carol eventually chooses. Carol’s story was emotional, but this one was gut wrenching.

The artwork provides another dramatic issue. With little action in this issue the art is relied on heavily to convey the character’s feelings and it does so in amazing fashion. The scenes with Carol as a child with her mother could not have been more perfect for the story that is being told. Despite the rough nature of the artwork, the heartache just jumps off of the pages.

This series provides plenty of violence and blood. Occasionally there are issues that stay in the more narrative or set up approach. This issue manages to build up the backgrounds on two major characters and give an origin for a third, newer character, all while telling a very entertaining and griping story. This issue displays this series at its very best.

5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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