Geek Goggle Reviews: PunisherMAX #9

by Jeff

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may100648 Geek Goggle Reviews: PunisherMAX #9PunisherMax #9
MAX (Marvel Comics)
Aaron, Dillon & Hollingsworth

Punisher and Bullseye face off in this issue. Well, they meet and one person shoots while the other just observes. This comic book really adds a lot more complexity to both characters and starts to scratch the surface of their relationship with each other. The character development done here is very good but it is made great by the amazing artwork of Steve Dillon. He brings more drama and emotion to their meeting than could possibly be asked of an artist. The comic book uses the supporting characters to bring out more from the main characters which essentially replaces the need for a copious amount of thought boxes. This is an excellent comic book.

In what may be some of favorite sequences of any comic book all year the issue opens with Fisk calling Bullseye to fire him. Bullseye happens to be walking into a Punisher safe house that Bullseye has been staying in. While on the phone with Fisk telling him that the Punisher is still a threat, Punisher begins blowing away Fisk’s men riding along with Bulleye. The brilliance doesn’t end with this sequence as Bullseye retreats to the bathroom.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: PunisherMAX #9Bullseye modified Frank’s safe house to include bulletproof glass in the tub. Bullseye sits observing his animal, the Punisher, kill all of Fisk’s men. Then, Bulleye writes Frank a note about what his favorite eye color is while Frank sets a bomb on the glass. The interaction is nothing short of genius. It ties everything together from the strategic, methodical measures that the Bullseye has taken to the raw, one track mind of the Punisher where death is all that matters. It also shows how both are truly insane.

As the issue progresses we come to understand that the killing of Frank’s family may not have been the creation of the Punisher. Sure, that was the event that led Frank to wear a costume and start shooting people, but Bullseye realizes the death of the family thing is probably not what makes Frank such an impressive and determined killer. The flip side of this is that we learn that Bullseye seems to be haunted by the killings that he does. This rounds the two characters out to the point that the line between them is getting more and more murky.

Dillon crushes this issue. The interaction between the Punisher and Bullseye through the bulletproof glass is made possible through the emotions on the character’s faces and Dillon nails it. Dillon manages to bring these characters to a level of depth that probably can not be achieved through dialogue and monologue. This is an impressive work by someone with already an amazing history.

This issue continues to play a cat and mouse game with the Punisher and Bullseye. To some it might feel drawn out a bit too much. To others they might like the development here of both characters and their relationship. While Frank drifts down a darker road we find that Bullseye isn’t really so distant from him in mentality. I like the direction and quality here. This is an excellent issue.

5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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