Geek Goggle Reviews: Planet Of The Apes #10

by Jeff

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1094937 Geek Goggle Reviews: Planet Of The Apes #10Planet Of The Apes #10
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Planet of the Apes is approaching epic atmosphere as this issue begins to tell some of the backstory of the main characters. The backstory is told from three separate perspectives in a very clever way. This issue doesn’t move a lot forward with Sullivan but the human fugitives on the run are dealt with in a decisive fashion. Once again this is a comic book that uses tight storytelling along with grand visuals to make for a very entertaining read. I definitely recommend reading this issue.

As Sullivan is lying on the table waiting to give birth she thinks back to when her and Alaya were children. Sullivan recalls how the human army arrived in the town that was inhabited by man and ape alike and causes a lot of trouble. This is an interesting view because it illustrates how during their lifetimes, man and ape coexisted and flourished as one community. It also puts on display how shockingly fast it came to an end.

The remaining two viewpoints are that of Alaya and then General Nix. Their viewpoints show hatred, betrayal and compassion. The storytelling here is enhanced by how the characters have behaved in this series, but the payoff in the execution within this issue is very powerful.

Intercut with the flashbacks are scenes of the refugees being discovered and attacked by General Nix’s troops. The humans are overrun but the apes do not get exactly what they are looking for as some of the key humans they seek are missing. It’s interesting that the apes are looking for names that they can’t put faces to.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Planet Of The Apes #10The art is terrific as always. The battle scenes on horseback are particularly outstanding. I also thought the terror on the streets in the flashbacks was an excellent complement to the story. This is a comic book that is equal parts story and visuals.

Planet of the Apes is a great series. Each month the book comes out with a good story that adds on what has come before and raises the tension just a little bit. This is the issue that I have been waiting for as the break up is finally explained between Sullivan and Alaya. I definitely recommend picking this issue up.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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