Geek Goggle Reviews: Original Sin #5.1

by Jeff

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2037656 Geek Goggle Reviews: Original Sin #5.1Original Sin #5.1 – Thor & Loki The Tenth Realm #1
Marvel Comics
Aaron, Ewing, Biachi, Garbett & Woodard

Thor discovers he has a sister and he leaves Earth in the middle of the Watcher crisis to find her. This mini-series has the Original Sin banner and is an Original Sin mini-series, but could easily fit in with the regular Thor title simply with the banner. The book is definitely a Thor story that is only set up by the events of the Original Sin event. It’s a good read and sets up a couple of good potential plot points. This is one to look up.

Thor confronts his mother with the vision that he’s seen. He knows he has a sister and that she is alive. The interesting part of this is that his mother tells Thor the story of how his sister was killed. Thor, not trusting that she is dead (she is a God after all), enlists the help of Loki to find her and the tenth realm she apparently is being kept in.

The questions left unanswered are nagging. Thor is a God and his parents are Gods. Even if you witnessed the apparent death of a God, would you stop until you’ve found the body? It appears Thor’s parents just went back to their war and never looked back. It seems very odd.

The highlight of the book is Thor’s interaction with Loki. This feels as smooth as the dialogue that occurs during either of the Thor films or the Avengers film. It’s definitely worth the price of admission.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Original Sin #5.1The comic is mostly set up but Thor and Loki do land in the tenth realm by the issue’s end. It almost seems too easy. This at least provides the promise that the mini-series will move along at a nice pace.

The artwork is good. I was surprised to see Bianchi is the main artist on the cover credits but only draws two pages in the book. I’m actually impressed with how Garbett presents the rest of the book. The depictions of Loki and Thor are perfect. It’s a good visual story.

Original Sin is a strange event. This particular spin-off seems to be a Thor and Loki adventure having little to do with Original Sin and that is a good thing. This looks to be a fun adventure comic that leaves a lot of possibilities wide open. I enjoyed the first issue and urge Thor or Loki fans to pick this issue up.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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