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by Jeff

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677074_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: OLD MAN LOGAN #1Old Man Logan #1
Marvel Comics
Lemire, Sorrentino & Maiolo

“Old Man Logan” launches with a solid first issue that establishes the direction of the series with direct clarity. This is a revenge story. Using the old time travel concept where characters try to prevent a bad outcome in the future by dealing with things in the past. However, Logan is simply looking to take out characters that wrong him in the future. The artwork picks up as the issue moves along but really struggles in the opening pages. I enjoyed this first issue.

This version of Logan comes from an old arc of “Wolverine” from 2009, but the character saw some action and updating during “Secret Wars.” It isn’t apparent that either story is important to this story. It’s fairly obvious that Logan is a man out of time and the how or why he’s been sent back in time doesn’t really matter for this type of story. He’s not trying to figure out why he’s in the past and he’s not trying to get back.

Logan recalls a lot of what happened to him in the future and he decides to take the opportunity of being in the past to change his future. Like all of these types of stories the questions unravel quickly. For example, if he takes out every villain that wrongs him in the future then wouldn’t he end up not married and not having kids because he would still be a super-hero? Time travel is a very slippery slope. Still, the revenge story looks to be a very strong one, especially the way this comic book ends.

The artwork doesn’t help the opening of the comic. Logan is disoriented as he wakes up in present day New York City not being able to recall how he got sent back in time. He is immediately met with an odd looking Spider-Man. At first I assumed this was the zombie Spider-Man from the future. I don’t believe it is. I think it simply is a fat-faced, odd looking Spider-Man. From there Logan is confronted by some cops. Based on the sound effects he seems to break a cop’s arm. However, the artwork is a close-up and it isn’t clear what Logan actually does and to whom. There isn’t any other panel with a cop that’s injured. Then, Logan comments that he took a shot to the chest, but doesn’t seem to acknowledge he got Tasered in the back. Based on the visual the Taser in the back was much more painful. These were some very confusing pages.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: OLD MAN LOGAN #1Thankfully, the artwork begins to match up the story and it does so very well. The flashback sequences bring a fantastic western genre look and feel to the story and it really highlights the restraint Logan shows when confronted. The character is a better defined character based on the visuals in these sequences. The final few pages are gruesome and extremely effective and are the highlight of the comic. There is also a two-page spread towards the back that pays homage to a special comic’s image from the 1980s. I won’t spoil it, but Sorrentino nails it. The artwork turned around big time by the comic’s end.

“Old Man Logan” launches with a very strong first issue. The premise is a straight-up revenge story and this comic is a good first step. Reading “Secret Wars” or the arc, “Old Man Logan” don’t seem to be required to come into this comic. This means anyone can pick this comic book up, which is a good thing. The comic will set you back five dollars but the story is a good one. The artwork really struggles in the opening pages, but picks up, especially with the grizzly images at the book’s end. This is definitely a strong offering and looks to be a serious to watch.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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