Geek Goggle Reviews: Multiversity Thunderworld #1

by Jeff

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661489_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Multiversity Thunderworld #1Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures #1
DC Comics
Morrison, Stewart & Fairbairn

Grant Morrison’s Multiversity Thunderworld Adventures is a throw back to the Silver Age/Bronze Age but with a modern twist. Once again, we witness Morrison’s ability to tell a solid, self-enclosed story that entertains while building up characters that may see some action down the road. This comic seems to rely heavily on a reader’s knowledge of the Silver Age, particularly DC, and how characters behaved during those times, but regardless the comic is a good one. This series has proven to be the best that DC has to offer month after month and I definitely recommend this comic.

Captain Marvel, Shazam, Billy Batson, whatever you know this character to go by, he’s very much a Superman clone visually but with a different origin, set of powers and mindset. However, his boy scout attitude is very similar to that of Superman’s for many decades. Morrison taps into all of these comparisons, right down to providing visuals that have mimic old Superman images in past comics. Morrison doesn’t just provide a good characterization though, as he gives a simple, but effective plot.

An old nemesis comes up with a way to create an eighth day. This wreaks havoc on the universes and causes a lot of problems, such as a counter set of villains to Captain Marvel. However, Captain Marvel is up to the challenge and Morrison manages to work in magic, time travel and plenty of other goodies to round this comic book out.

The beauty of the book is the ease that Morrison takes the reader back to another time. He is strong at making old things modern and does so here to perfection. He also gives an interesting, but not overly complicated plot.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Multiversity Thunderworld #1The book has some traps, such as providing an idea of who these other characters are. It seems like too many of the characters make an appearance where the reader is assumed to know who they are and what their affiliation is to Captain Marvel. When you consider how well he builds up Captain Marvel’s character in a short amount of time I found the lack of definition in the others to be disappointing.

The artwork is clean and detailed. The colors are bright and the pages are lively. Everything about this comic book screams out energy and fun. The visuals are a perfect match for the boy scout against the cackling villain.

Multiversity is a great series. While the thread that ties all of the issues together is a very thin one, each issue has been a delight to read. This one is a throwback to how DC’s cast behaved some three decades ago. Morrison makes everything fresh and new. This is another great comic book to pick up regardless if you have read the others in the series or not.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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