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by Jeff

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659803_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Multiversity The Just #1Multiversity: The Just #1
DC Comics
Morrison, Oliver & Brown

This comic book is about as good as it gets. Grant Morrison tells a self-enclosed story that happens to line up perfectly with the two previous issues, but telling it own individual story and knocking it out of the park. Morrison takes the incarnations of DC’s crop of characters and takes the best of the 90s and 00s and makes them feel fresh and as good as new. The comic’s plot is excellent but the characterizations are equally outstanding. This is a terrific comic book if you liked the previous DC universe or if you are curious as to how Grant Morrison can weave such an interesting tale in 40 pages of story.

The comic opens with a suicide. This happens while this character is on the “phone” with another character who happens to be planning a party while infected with an interesting virus. The hits just keep coming as Damien, son of Bruce Wayne, is hanging out with his girlfriend, Alexis Luthor, when Chris Kent, son of Superman, shows up looking for help investigating the suicide.

Morrison’s command of these characters is nothing short of brilliant. It’s amazing how quickly he finds what makes these characters work well and he moves them through the story. No exposition, no speeches, no captions, just dialogue. Within ten pages you know everything that makes Superman, Batman and the daughter of Lex Luthor tick.

Morrison then widens the scope of the comic as more characters come into the fray. Kyle Rayner plays a big part in the book and it is pitch perfect to how the character was introduced into the universe by Ron Marz two decades ago. Kyle is barely scratching the surface in terms of characters that Morrison adds into this story. As the plot cooks, Batman begins to unravel the larger mystery as well as the individual suicide investigation. It all dovetails in a perfect ending that leaves the reader dangling. It’s perfect.

Reading this issue I can’t help but think of what was in the DCU. To me, it feels like the “New 52 “characters are lifeless and then to read these incarnations it’s a painful reminder that this wasn’t always so. Obviously Morrison is one of the best writers pretty much ever, but reading this issue makes me long for these characters as well as Morrison writing a monthly title. It’s bitter sweet so enjoy this while it lasts.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Multiversity The Just #1The artwork is a painted style and it works well enough. There aren’t any crazy psychedelic elements or wacky layouts to this comic book. For the most part, it’s simply forty pages of great super hero visuals. Sure, there is a lot of standing around and conversations, but the book compliments Morrison’s story and that is what it should do.

Multiversity is not a story for everyone. It’s complicated and deep. It involves multiple incarnations of the same character with minor character differences in some cases. However, I know an entertaining read when I find one and this is it. Perhaps DC could find a small section of their new universe for these characters to exist and let Morrison lead a solo book on Damien or Lexi or Chris or just about any of them really.

5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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