Geek Goggle Reviews: Lord Of The Jungle #2

by Jeff

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1103319 Geek Goggle Reviews: Lord Of The Jungle #2Lord Of The Jungle #2
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The second issue of the re-launch of Tarzan is a strange book that has extreme highs and lows. For the most part, the book leaps over the entire upbringing of Tarzan and jumps right into infusing Jane into the mix. The book has some great action at the end of the book but the entire set up over the first half was a definitely a huge weak point. Overall, I found the book to be average but show some promise at the very end.

The book opens with an utterly bizarre sequence where some pirates are burying treasure on the beach. One of the crew murders the Captain. There are so many problems here I can’t really piece them together. Why would they bury treasure on the beach and not further inland? Why is the crewman the only guy with a gun? Why would the crew then follow this murderer? Why are Jane and company taken prisoner when everyone else gets killed? They have already robbed them and committed murder otherwise, so what’s the difference? There is laughter after the captain is killed and I’m not sure what that is supposed to signify because clearly the crew is distraught and on edge otherwise. I couldn’t make heads or tails of this entire sequence.

After the set up, we find where Jane and Clayton are and they all find a note on the door of the tree house where Tarzan’s family was murdered. I really have no idea what this all about. A note? In the jungle? Written in English in Africa? I’m lost with this issue at this point.

Then, the book takes off, mostly because the character of Clayton is so strong and likeable. Clayton is going to be an excellent counter to Tarzan as this book progresses based on how he is characterized here. Especially with regard to his interaction with Jane. The book ends with plenty of action I expect from a Tarzan comic book. This helped this book tremendously.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Lord Of The Jungle #2The artwork is very good. The layers of the jungle and the menacing look from the creatures in the book really help move this story along and keep it interesting. I like the details in the pirates and the other characters as well. Add in that Clayton looks terrific as an intimidating figure, but loving at the same time, and you have a great visual story.

Lord of the Jungle is a tough book. The bread and butter of the franchise are with characters that don’t typically speak. However, this book is managing the action and the “talking” well so far. If only the content of the secondary characters would become clearly I think this book could be pretty good.

2.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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