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by Jeff

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aug090957 Geek Goggle Reviews: Last Resort #3Last Resort #3 of 5
IDW Comics
Palmiotti, Gray & Caracuzzo

The plane crash survivors discover they aren’t all alone on the Island as they encounter more than a few “sick” individuals, not all of which are human. The result is some of the core characters getting killed in spectacular fashion. Meanwhile, some of the other normal characters, not from the plane crash, begin to shed some light on the cause and scope of the epidemic. It’s a great issue as it ties in some elements of horror, satire and some great dialogue. The artwork hits its stride in this issue as the gore is ratcheted up. This is a good comic book.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Last Resort #3The comic begins as two separate groups discover some bodies. The one group, which includes those that seem to be aware of what happened, give a little insight into what needs to be done. They stress the need to get off the Island before dark and that heavy, massive amounts of weaponry will be needed.

The other group, the airplane survivors, finds a body in an office. While trying to figure out what ate the person’s face off, they hear some scratching from a closet. Not only is the closet blocked with a brick-loaded filing cabinet, but no one questions how they might tie in with the dead body sitting five feet in front of the closet. This is slasher movie 101. A staple of any horror movie is when the lead characters make decisions that are known by the viewer to be stupid. This is a perfect satire off of that notion. Of course, the “people” in the closet are zombies and they start gnawing on some woman’s face. It’s an awesome scene.

The story begins to get really fun as two people from the plane split off only to be attacked by a zombie lion. Yes, a lion. A hunter of sorts rescues one of them as he is able to offer more information on the goings on with the Island. It appears some of the Island’s residents have survived the infestation.

The comic has also some other good development as we see some military discussion about the Island as well as some other tidbits from the characters stuck on the Island. The issue has a lot of character advancements for many of the plane crash folks, like the nice, young couple who find the duffel bag of pot. The issue has a lot to offer outside of the blood and guts aspect.

The artwork has almost a water-colored look to it which makes the details murky at times. This works terrific when you deal with mangled victims that have half of a face left. This issue is choke full of twisted up humans and the artwork shines throughout. Yes, the style struggles a bit when the comic calls for close-ups of two people having a conversation as the expressions tend to lose some of their realism. However, for this type of story you really want the gore to be more prominent than the intimate conversations.

The Last Resort isn’t your typical zombie comic. The comic touches the genre, but adds in some science fiction, humor and an interesting cast of characters set with a backdrop that resembles the 1970s disaster films. This issue just begins the process of killing off the cast and setting the table for a possible escape for some of them. It’s a fun issue.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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