Geek Goggle Reviews: Knight And Squire #6

by Jeff

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973545 Geek Goggle Reviews: Knight And Squire #6Knight and Squire #6 of 6
DC Comics
Cornell & Broxton

Knight and Squire wraps up with another strong issue that manages to tie together nicely some of the elements that seemed insignificant from the first issue. Overall, this issue had an uphill climb because Knight and Squire are dealing with the real Joker, but Cornell manages to resolve the story in a believable (in a comic book sense) manner that makes sure to preserve the Joker’s status in the regular DC universe. This was a fun read and the entire mini series is worth taking a look at if you are into something a little different in your Batman universe.

Jarvis Poker (the British Joker) is being held captive by the real Joker. The Joker isn’t thrilled that the Poker is giving him a bad name. The Joker shows Poker the ropes by going on a murder spree taking out multiple heroes, including the budding love interest of Squire. Poker seems to understand the life the Joker leads isn’t the one for him.

Knight and Squire hatch a plan to trap the Joker. The hope is that they can also rescue Poker, who is actually terminally ill. Squire, the brains behind the operation, has the extra motivation because of the fate of her boyfriend. The ending is unique and definitely clever. I certainly didn’t connect the dots from the previous issues.

This issue manages to really show the difference (at least in Cornell’s world) between the American heroes and villains and the British ones. The Joker sticks out like a sore thumb and it is apparent that there is much less to worry about when the villains are other Brits.

The artwork is a strange mixture of silver age light heartedness and the grim Batman house style. I was a little surprised that the Joker was the version from decades past instead of the more recent reinvention of the character’s look. I enjoyed the little bits in the background from Broxton, specifically his nod to past Batman creators shown as graffiti on the walls. This was a good visual story.

I’m not sure if this mini series is going to have a follow up for some kind of ongoing but Cornell certainly has created a wide range of characters for the book. This comic is a good read and offers up a fun look at what heroes are like set in Britain written by a Brit. This issue is definitely worth picking up, if nothing more than for the bonus of having the Joker in it talking imitating the English.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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