Geek Goggle Reviews: Hellboy The Storm #2

by Jeff

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16893 Geek Goggle Reviews: Hellboy The Storm #2Hellboy: The Storm #2 of 3
Dark Horse Comics
Mignola & Fegredo

On the surface this issue is just like many other Hellboy comics. Hellboy fights a giant of some kind while a demon or two have a long chat about how the world is going to end and what Hellboy’s role may or may not be in the events. While this issue may contain those elements it also provides something we hardly ever see in the form of a Hellboy flashback to when he was a boy. This short sequence sets this book apart of many other Hellboy stories and really puts the very core of his character to the test for the reader to judge. This is an excellent issue.

The issue opens with the brief version of the story of Nimue. While Merlin is not mentioned by name he is alluded to in the story. What the reader learns from all of this is that the old man, as well as Nimue, are still pulling the strings. I’m sure we will see more development in the next issue and the next arc on this front.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Hellboy The Storm #2The bulk of the issue is the fight between the monster that Nimue creates to take out Hellboy. The fight contains pillars of a Hellboy fight where there is a lot of hard hitting and a few funny one liners. What happens that is unexpected is that Hellboy incurs an injury that doesn’t seem to affect him at all where it usually would. Is this the power of the sword or something else?

The issue moves to the flashback once the fight is over. Hellboy thinks back to 1947 when he is just a little lad with the Professor. The scene is so gripping because it illustrates that Hellboy is not what he or the Professor intended for him to become. Never mind the destiny stuff, just the aspect of him growing into a responsible and noble man like the Professor just never happened. Hellboy isn’t on the road of his choosing. Instead he’s just on a random road that isn’t the leader of Hell road. This was a great moment.

The artwork is tremendous throughout the issue but is trumped by the one panel where Hellboy is sitting there rubbing his forehead in defeat at the flashback’s reminder of his failures. A lot of people think that only Mignola can draw Hellboy. I really can’t see how anyone can not love the sequence and panels that Fegredo produced during this scene.

Hellboy is about to face the army of the dead. This issue is merely the set up to get him to that point. However, the issue provides some dark insight into his character as well as given a lot of action and some background into what is apparently his nemesis. This is a very good issue and I definitely recommend it.

4.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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