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by Jeff

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1133543 Geek Goggle Reviews: Green Lantern #0Green Lantern #0
DC Comics
Johns, Mahnke, Alamy, Irwin & Champagne

Green Lantern issue zero is definitely a jumping on point because this comic book introduces a brand new lead character. Simon Baz is slightly different than the other Green Lanterns because he’s basically a criminal, but there is a past that is teased in this book that seems to open up a lot of possibilities. This is a good book because Johns puts on a great introduction to a character that could have some potential down the road.

Simon Baz is caught in a situation where his ethnicity targets him as a potential terrorist. That, and the fact that he steals a van with a bomb in it and then drives it into a building where he used to be employed. It’s a bit heavy handed but it works well. Sure, it seems odd that the government would accuse him as a terrorist and as a disgruntled employee, which don’t really go together, but the tension of the interrogation is really compelling. The issue’s strength is providing a good base to the personality of Simon Baz. The build up to the ring entering the fray is simply fantastic.

Visually, this is a solid comic book. Despite having a number of artist’s hands involved in the book I never felt there was an inconsistent look to the book. The book definitely has that opening to a movie look which helps the story along very nicely. There are plenty of panels with no dialogue and the art definitely tells the story, which is exactly what it is supposed to do.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Green Lantern #0Editorially, this comic book has some very odd decisions in it. For example, the creation of yet another Green Lantern, from Earth, from the Unites States (albeit born in Lebanon) seems very bizarre. This reminds me of a few years back when DC kept re-launching a Flash title with a new speedster in the suit. Rather than fixing just one then just kept adding more and more Flashes to the mix. I’m not sure what DC hopes to achieve long term here. I also was a little disappointed that the lead character wasn’t actually a terrorist. I think that would add something interesting to the mix and be in keeping with the fact that he now has Sinestro’s ring. Another annoying move is the bio in the back for Hal Jordan. It lists his first appearance as Justice League #1 from 2011 and then goes into great detail about stories that were published as far back as forty years ago. Talk about looking ridiculous.

This comic is definitely entertaining no doubt about it. Johns tells a very fun origin story that has some suspense and a little bit uniqueness to it. As such, it’s a great jumping on point even though it seems to end abruptly. Then again, this gives the reader to come back next time. This is worth a look.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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