Geek Goggle Reviews: Green Lantern Corps #48

by Jeff

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mar100164 Geek Goggle Reviews: Green Lantern Corps #48Green Lantern Corps #48
DC Comics
Bedard, Syaf & Cifuentes

Green Lantern Corps enters a new era with this issue. Not so much in terms of what occurs in the issue, but with the new creative team. This is a title that has been anchored with basically one team for about three years and has seen the title stand on its own through two major crossovers. Now the reins are passed. Rather than trying to make the title their own with some sort of shocking turn of events or radical use of the characters, the title has a safe but enjoyable deployment. While not Earth-shattering the title moves quickly and keeps juggling the large cast we are accustomed to seeing. It’s a good opening issue to the arc and a very nice first step for the new creators.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Green Lantern Corps #48The most noticeable part of the opening to this comic book was the fact that the characters were introduced. This was huge. Too many comic books simply launch into the story never stopping to inform the readers of the character’s names. It is always assumed that those picking up the issue already know the characters. This comic makes no assumptions and I found it to be refreshing.

Guy, Ganthet and Atrocitus make their unholy union about some sort of quest, undefined at this point. The result in this issue is that Ganthet resigns his post as a Guardian. Not just a green Guardian (or a blue one), but any color. He then requests a green power ring. This chain of events is explained to a point but leaves just enough mystery to lead the reader towards future stories. This was a well executed storyline opening.

The bulk of the remainder of the issue reintroduces the Alpha Lanterns. They were relatively quiet during the Blackest Night story but are not pushed to the forefront. Their plot involves both fringe characters and one main one, John Stewart. The character choices are good because they help elevate some of the lesser known ones and push one of the main ones into the spotlight. Again, this was a well executed plot startup.

The artwork is exactly what you’d expect from any Green Lantern title. The colors take over the issue and almost overwhelm the story. At times the pencils provide some amazing visuals, such as when Ganthet forges his own ring, to the point where they force you to check out the page prior to reading any dialogue. This issue establishes a high mark for the art.

I enjoyed this issue and I was definitely hesitant coming into it. As you might expect with the opening to any arc, the story is just getting started. I found the issue to be entertaining and it makes me think the future for the title is as bright as ever.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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