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by Jeff

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970987 Geek Goggle Reviews: Green Lantern #63Green Lantern #63
DC Comics
Johns, Benes, Syaf, Hunter & Cifuentes

The issue marks the Prologue to The War of the Green Lanterns and reads as such. Normally a big fan of a recap page you would think this issue would please me because it recaps and sets up a baseline for many key character but it almost feels like a throwaway issue if you have been keeping up all along. On the other hand, this issue establishes an awful lot about the main villain, Krona, which is something Blackest Night never bothered to do in the main mini series or the two Green Lantern titles for that story’s main villain. In that regard I like this first step but just not in love with it.

The issue primarily does two things: brings the color corps together and tells the reader about Krona. Krona used to be in line to be a Guardian. This is odd because it always seemed their history was more of a hive-mind and not a selective membership. Krona wants to take the Guardians down the path of emotion and they resist. Krona does something really bad (which dips into the rich history of the book very nicely) and seems to harness the power of will. This information about Krona and how Johns weaves it into the history of the Guardians, Manhunters and Green Lanterns is excellent. This back story could have easily been broken up into Tales of Krona and put in the back of the main book and been equally as terrific.

The bulk of the book is bringing together Hal, Sinestro and all of the other colored ring corps leaders. It’s fairly boring and feels awkward at times. The dialogue all stays true to the characters but some of it is just cringe-worthy, such as the exchange between Carol and Hal where Hal asks Carol if she remembers what life was like before they were in their corps. It just reads like Johns needs to let some folks know that they used to be regular humans at some point in their lives. It’s just unnecessary. I can understand why Johns feels he’s got to tie up any loose end that these characters may have had in other titles but this just killed too much space in this book.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Green Lantern #63Two pencil artists and three inkers don’t exactly provide a fluid looking book. Considering that this book has a lot of standing around its too easy to pick out how different the characters look page to page. However, I’d rather have a team of artists get a book out on time than sit around for months waiting for one particular artist. The book is a fine looking book but it won’t win any awards.

When the Sinestro Corps War kicked off with a one-shot it grabbed my attention and raised my expectations for every subsequent major arc (especially Green Lantern related). This issue doesn’t come close to that level of “wow” but it at least brings readers up to speed and makes sure that everyone knows all about Krona and what a bad boy he’s been. I can’t say if this arc will be great, good or just blah but this first issue at least makes me eager for the next one so that’s something.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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