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by Jeff

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jul090153 Geek Goggle Reviews: Green Lantern #46Green Lantern #46
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During this run of Green Lantern there aren’t too many issues that have disappointed. For the most part, every issue has been good or great. There are three issues that stand out as outstanding. The issues that book-ended the Sinestro Corps War were two that were outstanding. The third is this issue. You simply won’t find a better comic book that entertains in of itself and adds on to the longer story that has been unfolding for more than a year. The comic pulls together the key characters of the major colored rings and resolves one of the longer plots that has been going on in Green Lantern for some time. It’s an incredible issue.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Green Lantern #46The issue opens tamely enough as Hal and the Indigo Lantern join the battle on Zamaron between the Sapphires, Sinestro and the Black Lanterns. At this point the battle lines are not clear. However, Hal understands he must unite the various colored corps to defeat the Black Lanterns, but can he convince Sinestro? The interactions between Hal, Sinestro and Carol are excellent because it doesn’t get weighed down in continuity but it provides some level of background to give the reader some level of understanding of the history. The Indigo Lantern ends up hooking in Sinestro by revealing something of interest from Sinestro’s past.

Carol, Hal, Sinestro and the Indigo Lantern eventually head off to confront Mongul. With Zamaron seemingly lost, the mission is really just to round up the other colored corps. In order to get Sinestro on board with the union, the Indigo Lantern matches him up with Mongul so Sinestro can regain his corps.

The battle between Sinestro and Mongul is great. The ending is even better.

The element in this issue that stands out is the seeming conversion of Sinestro from being the chief villain to being part of the good guy alliance. It’s been building for a while and it works really well here. Despite all of the history between Sinestro and Hal it’s believable that Hal could fall back into the roll of looking at Sinestro as a mentor. Sinestro is clearly a leader, even if it’s of villains, and Hal will always be his student. This issue manages to recalibrate the pecking order.

The other element of this comic that I enjoyed tremendously was the artwork. There is so much going on here. With two massive battles taking place you can really take your time letting the visuals sink in. Some of the smaller parts are brilliant as well. For example, when Slushh has the remains in his belly receive black rings and his membrane gets ripped open was just spectacular. The comic story was very good but is only raised to excellent because of the artwork.

This is a comic book that probably shouldn’t be missed by anyone. Regardless of if you have following the Blackest Night event or not, this comic has a lot to offer any reader. After reading this you can see how more of the Blackest Night story is going to shake out but what will happen to the status quo when it ends? I can’t imagine a better comic book than this one. The Blackest Night mini series might not be living up to the hype yet, but don’t let that turn off from this series.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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