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by Jeff

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1285345 Geek Goggle Reviews: Fairy Quest #1Fairy Quest: Outlaws #1
Boom! Studios
Jenkins, Ramos & Olea

The kickstarter project brought to single issue format hits this week in the first issue of Fairy Quest: Outlaws. The book takes some very familiar characters and puts them into the age-old situation where the characters want to cross out of the literary world and into the real one. While the idea sounds like a re-tread the execution is not. The comic book is a fun read.

As the cover indicates, the story is about Red Riding Hood. Red is tired of reliving the telling of Little Red Riding Hood over and over again. She’s made friends with the wolf in secret and yearns for a life away from literature. Grimm isn’t having that and is cracking down on any character trying something against the script. Everything falls apart at the end and a line is certainly crossed as Red and the wolf escape from the land of stories. Or at least the land of stories that they knew.

The comic is a well paced and good read. The comic is littered with little charming moments such as Red attending a therapy session in which other characters are voicing their displeasure of their usage. The comic mixes in some science fiction as there is a mind wiping device that gets used on the particularly independent characters. The book has all of the components to tell a story that keeps the reader guessing as to what happens next.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Fairy Quest #1Ramos is perfect for this issue. His art is already very cartoon-like to begin with so the leap to get the characters to appear as though they jumped from a children’s book is a natural one. The story telling is fantastic visually as the art really nails the right mix of action and emotion. Artistically this book is right on the money.

I am not sure the long term plans for this book. The “Outlaws” title seems to imply more than one mini-series and this one is only two issues so I doubt the second issue will resolve a whole lot. Hopefully the series will continue but as far as this issue goes it’s a good comic book that is equal parts fun and unique. I highly recommend checking this comic out.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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