Geek Goggle Reviews: Existence 3.0 #4

by Jeff

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DEC090406D Geek Goggle Reviews: Existence 3.0 #4Existence 3.0 #4 of 4
Image Comics
Spencer & Salas (art by Eisma)

The sequel to Existence wraps up this issue with even more twists and shocks than the first series. This issue brings together a throng of characters as the comic book moves quickly through many acts of deception and mini-cliffhangers as it jumps from scene to scene. It’s a very good comic book and a good story overall. The only thing about this issue that makes it less than the original series is the fact that there is so much happening that it almost leaves you with the feeling of exhaustion after reading it rather than shock. I liked the series and I hope there is more of it in the future as things are certainly left open at the end.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Existence 3.0 #4To be fair, discussing the contents of this issue is nearly impossible without spoiling something. For the most part, the girl (daughter in the assassin’s body) is not all that she appears to be and makes her hidden agenda known in this issue. However, there is more than meets the eye as other characters (hint, hint) make an appearance that sway the direction of the story and the direction of future stories. It wouldn’t be an Existence comic book if one character’s brain didn’t end up in another character’s body now would it?

The issue is a lot of fun. For the most part, Spencer moves the story along at a fast pace. As is the case with a Brubaker Noir comic, you follow along or are lost by the end. The comic book also takes on heavier action towards the end that helps add in some confusion. While the action is good it does distract you from the goings on scene to scene, which is an interesting way to make the reader feel more surprised at the ending.

Though Salas is the cover credit for the art, the interior credits Eisma as the artist. Eisma has a much more crisp style to his art. It’s not nearly as dark or Noir as Salas. I actually found this art to be a little more clear, despite the glut of characters that appear to look similar in the issue. I liked the artwork and it might stand out as being different in the trade but it isn’t terribly noticeable issue to issue. This was a good visual story.

Existence throws virtually everything but the kitchen sink at you in this issue. Characters seem to die and don’t. Characters switch allegiances and then double cross back. There are explosions and sword fights and plenty of other action. It all adds up to a very entertaining read. I enjoyed the comic book a lot and if you are looking for something in the crime-science fiction-drama-strange category then this is something to check out.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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