Geek Goggle Reviews: Existence 3.0 #2

by Jeff

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oct090419 Geek Goggle Reviews: Existence 3.0 #2Existence 3.0 #2 of 4
Shadowline Comics (Image Comics)
Spencer & Salas

Existence 3.0 sends the story into a crazy direction as the sides begin to close in on multiple fronts for various characters in this issue. While the first issue moved the pieces in place and the previous series had cliffhangers tied in the amazing scientific twists, this issue gets back to basics by providing a fast paced, chase mixed with humor, surprise villains and downright bizarreness. I like the direction this issue is taking the series as it is taking on its own unique identity from Existence 2.0.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Existence 3.0 #2Jenny, a young teen, is stuck in the body of an assassin. She is a living prototype of the device that transferred her mind. She is hunted by a whole lot of people. However, she has some help in the form of her mother and the brother of the assassin’s body she occupies. This issue explores their relationships a little bit more but it also sets up more of an interesting dynamic as Marko (the brother) brings in another character to help. It seems clear that the group is in over their heads as the walls close in on them.

The story takes a turn when the man behind the initial experiment’s financing, Fred Stanton, is now being hunted by some yet unknown person (or group). The comic book does a good job of rolling out characters to illustrate established character’s weaknesses. In this case, we learn that Stanton is a bit of split personality which is ironic considering he was trying to invent mind jumping. Could it be he tried a mind jump only got stuck with both minds being active instead of only one? Whatever the case I like stories where the main set of bad guys aren’t the only bad guys. Multiple layers of villains is usually pretty cool.

The artwork has a look that gives bold lines around the outline of the characters, but light on the inking in the details of the faces. This style reminded me of something that you might find in a Sean Phillips comic only using lighter tones. It fits the story because while it is espionage to an extent it also has a nice level of sarcasm and tongue in cheek humor, which fits in with the color palette. I enjoyed this style of art for this type of story.

The second issue puts all of the main characters in difficult positions. It seems clear now that not everyone is going to live. However, some questions remain unanswered that will surely provide more twists in the comic issues. This series might have started off slowly but it has wasted no time in ramping up the story in the second issue. I definitely recommend this for the crime fans out there.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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