Geek Goggle Reviews: Elephantmen #22

by Jeff

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aug090351 Geek Goggle Reviews: Elephantmen #22Elephantmen #22
Image Comics
Starkings, Szymanowicz & Wright

Vanity Case finds herself with a new character in this issue that may or may not be good for her in the long run. Meanwhile, Ebony begins to deal with his lapse into the abyss from the previous issue. Elephantmen opens up some interesting plot threads in this issue as we have some sketchy grave robbing going on. The issue has a new artist that offers a brighter rendition of the grim story of the Elephantmen. Yet again, this series delivers a clever, thought provoking and troubling story, all with the backdrop of a society that is as confused as its rehabilitated Elephantmen. You just can’t go wrong reading this series.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Elephantmen #22Vanity was exposed to the spores a few issues ago and survived. Someone who was present during the scene has been watching her and makes an advance on her in this issue. His name is Simm. While on the surface it appears Simm merely is attracted to Vanity. Though, he also attempts to open her mind to some of the ugliness that involves the Elephantmen that she may be ignoring. However, there’s something not quite right about Simm and he may be after more than Vanity’s love.

While Vanity waffles between confused and love struck, Ebony is trying to unwind from his massive battle in the previous issue. Hip and Miki pay Ebony a visit. It’s not completely clear as to whether or not Hip is aware that Ebony had a relapse or not, but he sure is piecing it together quickly if he hasn’t yet. Miki doesn’t seem to care one way or other as it seems she doesn’t feel like she is any danger even if Ebony has reverted back to soldier mode.

The comic contains sharper colors than in previous issues. This helps to create a more loving atmosphere. This issue isn’t one of the darker ones and the artwork treats it as such. The line work is as detailed as ever, but the real highlight is in the unique beauty displayed when depicting Miki and Vanity. The artwork also gives some incredible backgrounds as seen in the market place and the various views of the city. It’s a gorgeous looking comic book.

Elephantmen is beginning to ramp up to something big. This issue is a step in that process as the pieces are moved around. We have several characters who receive a good push in their profile as we begin to see how this might shape out. The series is excellent and its issues like this one that just proves the real strength is in the character development and not just the battles and the psychological warfare that the Elephantmen seem to carry in every day life. This is a very good comic book. Don’t miss this issue.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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