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by Jeff

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1541264 Geek Goggle Reviews: Detective Comics #24Detective Comics #24
DC Comics
Layman & Fabok

The conclusion of the Wraith arc is a decent enough read. Layman mixes up some great action with some interesting twists here and there to keep the reader guessing as to the next move. The book comes off as a normal Batman read though because, let’s face it, how many other Batman stories end up in a similar way? Plenty. I like that Layman continues to build up Batman’s rogue gallery with each arc he plows through. Overall this is an entertaining but slightly above average read.

Batman and Wraith fight to a draw to open the comic as the pieces from the previous issue are picked up. It’s surprising to see how quickly Wraith drops his main advantage by freeing his hostage, Alfred. I was hoping for more exploration in to the secret identity of Batman but instead Wraith decides to simply square off against the cowl. This seems to play into the M.O. of the character that he simply bullies his way into getting what he wants.

Batman begins to put together the complete picture and uses his own deception to engage Wraith a second time in the book. It seems to play into the hands of Wraith but Batman is simply more prepared than Wraith is and the battle ends with a good conclusion to the arc.

One of the departures from the characterization of Batman in this book (and the vast majority of the other Bat books) is the lack of detective work Batman does. Sure he pulls a trick or two to corner Wraith but for the most part the book’s ending is decided by Batman’s will and brawn and not his brain. In fact, it’s Alfred that puts some of the pieces in place for Batman. I think I prefer a little more detective work from the caped crusader. The absent Detective work seems to be the direction editorially at the moment though.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Detective Comics #24Fabok does the usual stellar effort. The action is big, the pencils are crisp with vibrant colors. The book has some epic splash pages accompanied with some broken up pages of five or six panels that walk the reader through the action. It’s a good visual book and certainly one befitting a Batman battle.

Detective Comics is a very consistent read under Layman and Fabok. The book provides a good ending to a good arc. The book allows room for future stories while bringing this one to a satisfactory conclusion. This is simply another good Batman story that will entertain and engage a reader and there is something to be said for that level of consistency in this market place.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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