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by Jeff

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DEATHOFWOLVLL2014001-DC11-6f0de Geek Goggle Reviews: Death Of Wolverine The Logan Legacy #1Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #1 of 7
Marvel Comics
Soule, Nome & Kalisz

Wolverine’s death was sure to produce some fallout (and spin-offs). This comic book mini-series provides some of that fallout. Unlike the Death of Superman, which produced four new characters to deal with his death, this comic takes five existing characters and locks them together to force the issue of them facing the unthinkable death of Wolverine. The issue is a very strange comic book because it reads like a preview to some other series. I can’t say there is much in here to like or dislike. It feels like it can be summed up nicely in two paragraphs if you decide to skip this issue and pick up the second one.

X-23, Sabretooth, Dark Wolverine and one or two surprises are all locked into an energy cage together. After they fight, ponder the death of Wolverine and then talk among themselves, the primary bad guy shows up to reveal the plan. The interesting thing about the masked villain is that your mind begins to race through the possibilities of this character’s identity rather than the plot he’s hatching.

The masked character reveals that each of Wolverine’s connections have four trigger words embedded in them. One word will kill them regardless of the healing factor, one word puts them to sleep, another allows them to follow commands and the fourth is a mystery. If the group agrees to help the hooded villain then he will help them in some way. Presumably the fourth word cancels out the other three words but I am guessing here. If they do not help the character then they get one of the three words. It’s an interesting but odd premise to keep these characters joined together.

Various panels throughout the comic tease that the reader will find things out in future issues, such as how they were captured. The guess is that there will be some sort of flashbacks tying into the main plot for the next six issues or so. None of this is entirely clear, but it seems that if the little panels intrigue you then you will buy into the mini-series. There isn’t enough in this comic book to judge the entire series, but there isn’t too much in here to latch onto yet either.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Death Of Wolverine The Logan Legacy #1The artwork is fine. There isn’t anything terrible and there isn’t anything memorable. It’s an average looking comic book with limited scenery changes and characters to help showcase the art. The book has a Manga feel to it for some of the characters and that does make it feel more lively. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the cartoon quality to the book but it might have it’s own audience.

I’m not sure sending Wolverine’s enemies/sometimes allies, on a quest together is all that appealing. The one interesting thread was that Dark Wolverine learned that Wolverine was being sold – in pieces – in some market in some distance land. Beyond that, this book doesn’t give me much to get excited about. It’s an okay book that would have been far better served as a freebie teaser for the rest of the mini-series. You really need to be a complete-ist to pick this one up.

2 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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