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by Jeff

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662226_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Death Of Wolverine Life After Logan #1The Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan #1
Marvel Comics
Loveness, Del Pennino, Curiel, Fialkov, Coello, Charalampidis, Ogle, Scherberger & Deering

The Death of Wolverine was a decent story that has had little impact with the follow-up comics so far. It seems the event should have had a glut of storylines spinning out of his death rather than simply a glut of comics with the banner about his death. This overpriced book delivers three, ten page stories that deal with some of the fallout of Wolverine’s death as it impacts some of the other X-Men. It’s a decent book that is created by most unknown creators. The comic doesn’t have much space to explore the emotions too deeply but this does a good enough job with the allotted space. I recommend checking this out if a $5 cover price doesn’t scare you off.

The first story is all about Cyclops and his mixed emotions about Wolverine. This story manages to tee up the turmoil that Cyclops has towards Wolverine well. The story also manages to bring the mini-character arc to a logical conclusion as Cyclops stays true to his conflicted feelings and the way the character swallows down his emotions. I found this to be the best story in the book and I think it does do Cyclops and his complex relationship with Wolverine well.

The second story is a lighter one involving Colossus and Nightcrawler. This seems to focus more on the relationship between Colossus and Nightcrawler rather than how they feel about Wolverine. They go to Misako’s tomb in place of Wolverine. It’s a strange story because it’s not entirely clear why they are doing it (other than because Wolverine would have) or who and why they are fighting. It’s a decent story that misses the mark on a number of levels.

The final story is about a character called Armor. She seems to have a history with Wolverine as a mentor (as many X-Men women seem to do) and this story had some nice moments, particularly in the Danger Room. However, the story feels like it could have swapped out Armor for X-23 or any number of other characters. This is due partially to the C-list distinction she has but this comic could have done more to separate her from every other young female that Wolverine has taken under his wing.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Death Of Wolverine Life After Logan #1The artwork is a high point to the comic. Each story has a similar style, which makes for an even reading experience. Additionally, even the more emotional points are executed in a lighter manner. In short, this isn’t a mope or depressing looking comic and I think that helps because each story concludes with the characters trying to push on by seeing the brighter side of the death of their friend. The detailed line work and sharp colors help to make the book feel exciting and grand. This is a very good visual book.

This anthology hits all the right notes with the Cyclops story. It struggles with the other two stories, but for different reasons and it is not universally a miss for either one. The comic at least addresses that the X-Men are hurting and they are trying to deal with their grief and anger. This comic highlights a couple of those characters. The book is over-priced at $5 so it’s easy to pass up. However, if you like these characters and you should pick this up you probably won’t regret it.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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