Geek Goggle Reviews: Death Of Wolverine #3

by Jeff

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2197175 Geek Goggle Reviews: Death Of Wolverine #3Death of Wolverine #3 of 4
Marvel Comics
Soule, McNiven, Leisten & Ponsor

Wolverine is still alive. This comic book continues to play set up for the ultimate death of the iconic character. The artwork steals the show in this issue as the story is fairly lackluster. If you are into this series then this comic book will at least give you a look into Wolverine’s head as he seems to be at the end. However, if you are looking for validation to pick this story up in trade I would advise you to move along. This series isn’t giving the reader anything that they haven’t read before with Wolverine.

Wolverine has a nice heart to heart with Kitty. This allows the reader to get an idea of how Wolverine plans to play his next cards. It also allows the reader to hear his thoughts about his life and what he might do if he survives this. He’s been giving some healing serum to help with his wounds from the previous issue but refuses to take some extra vials. He’s just asking for trouble.

The comic contains an interesting twist in the issue that plays out nicely by the comic’s end. Wolverine makes some progress in unraveling the mystery and appears ready to confront his final hurdle. What’s interesting here is that he doesnt choose to simply disappear even though he brings this up more than once as how he’d like to live now that he no longer has a healing factor.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Death Of Wolverine #3The book doesn’t have much action and is by far the deepest of the issues thus far in terms of character exploration. There have been plenty of better renditions of a Wolverine heart-to-hearts before and there have been plenty of tougher situations he’s found himself in before but that label, “Death of Wolverine” makes this one count as more somehow.

The artwork is brilliant. McNiven pulls out all the stops with the art for this comic. As boring as some of the pages seem to be, he brings the characters and their emotions to life. There are some fight scenes and that is where McNiven truly shines. Sure, it seems unlikely that Wolverine can squeeze into Samurai armor as quickly as he does but it makes for an awesome panel or two. The artwork is why you pick this issue up.

Death of Wolverine is an okay mini-series. If you love the character then seeing this thing through to the end is a necessary evil. McNiven’s art makes this more than tolerable but the story and plot just are not there. Combine that with the $5 price tag and you have something that you can probably take a pass on.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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