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by Jeff

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1199299 Geek Goggle Reviews: Deadpool #1Deadpool #1
Marvel Comics
Posehn, Duggan, Moore & Staples

Deadpool gets a new volume and a fresh creative team to kick off as part of the Marvel NOW! promotion. I found this a good opportunity to test out a character that I have never really followed in a solo series. What I found was a decent read with an interesting enough plot that may bring me back for more. Oddly, the characterization was non-distinct in Deadpool terms, but the unoriginal take didn’t hamper the book at all. It simply just felt like a generic take on the character which is perfectly acceptable. This was a decent and fun read but nothing Earth-shattering.

When I think of Deadpool I think of one-liners and grotesque visuals and this book contains a lot of that. What I found interesting about the character’s portrayal in other books was how he was able to get serious when it really mattered. This book doesn’t take the character there as he shows his goofy side the entire book. It works, but felt like the book was simply going for laughs. Thankfully, they mostly worked but I am not sure the long term effect of taking that approach.

The plot of the book is that SHIELD recruits Deadpool to deal with un-dead Presidents so that the American public doesn’t get upset at the sight of Captain America decapitating Abe Lincoln and the like. It’s a fun little idea and a good execution. It’s definitely right in the realm of what I would expect from a Deadpool story. Plus, the book gives a good cliffhanger to snag the reader for a second issue.

The artwork is good. The book has some terrific details, especially in the characterizations of the Presidents. I enjoyed the coloring as well because it really brought the book to life in a way that felt happier despite dealing with zombie Presidents. Who better to deal with the un-dead than Tony Moore?

Deadpool is a good read. It’s not great, but it does a nice job of keeping up a brisk pace and throwing something interesting into the mix with the zombie Presidents. Priced at three dollars you could do a lot worse for your entertainment value with all the overpriced books on the market. I recommend checking this out if you are looking for something fun to read and this book just might offer enough to come back for a second issue.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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