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by Jeff

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664805_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Darth Vader #3Star Wars: Darth Vader #3
Marvel Comics
Gillen, Larroca & Delgado

Darth Vader is proving to be a comic book that shifts stories issue to issue. This particular issue seems to be mostly setup as Vader recruits some help in his quest to build a side army. The book introduces a couple of new characters that add some charm, but ultimately Gillen fails to bring anything new to the table with regard to the title character. The artwork helps to bring this issue to higher level as it adds some excitement to a fairly tame story. This comic is worth a look.

Gillen introduces Doctor Aphra with an eight-page nod to Indiana Jones. Right down to the dialogue that she says and a boulder that chases her. While this was a cute parody I’m not sure forty percent of the comic book needed this level of introduction. However, once Vader steps into the picture the comic book has a nice upswing.

Aphra is after a triple zero personality matrix for a protocol droid. Once she’s obtained it she plans to use the protocol droid to communicate with a weaponized astromech droid. Basically, Gillen has created an evil pair of Threepio and R2. As with Anakin helping to find and create the original pair, Darth Vader helps find and initialize the evil set.

The comic has some nice ideas in it. The whole setup of where the evil droids come from and what they were made for are clever additions to the book. Aprha is a welcome character to the book and she feels like someone that could fit in the Rebels TV show or any of the other comics, which is a good thing. I hope these characters are regulars in the comics.

Gillen struggles with Vader. “You are overly fond of speaking.” Is not something I can picture Vader saying. And Vader turning on his lightsaber for everything that moves is not in keeping with how he uses his weapon in the original trilogy. Han Solo shot at his several times at Vader and the device never left his belt. Darth Vader is not a character with a strong track record in comics and unfortunately this is holding true in Marvel’s view of the character.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Darth Vader #3Larroca nails this comic book on art. The pictures look life-like but retain that dirty or “used” look that the films always seem to present. The comic book looks provides a universe that looks like characters live in it and isn’t too bright and happy. The art looks very good in this issue, perhaps the best of any of the Star Wars comics from Marvel.

Expanding the cast in Darth Vader is what this issue is about. Pieces are being moved into place but Vader’s motives still remain extremely cloaked. Adding an evil pair of Threepio and R2 is a great idea that will hopefully have a nice payoff as the series progresses. This book struggles with capturing the essence of Darth Vader and takes too long with the Indiana Jones parody as it introduces Doctor Aphra. However, the artwork helps to make the issue standout. Overall this is a decent comic book to check out.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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