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by Jeff

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663951_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Darth Vader #2Star Wars: Darth Vader #2
Marvel Comics
Gillen, Larroca & Delgado

The second issue of Darth Vader is basically a one-shot that is not connected to the previous issue in terms of plot. Vader is on a new mission, with his new handler, Grand General Tagge. The book has action, some nice plot twists and some nice visuals. Overall, I liked this issue more than the first one as I felt it matched more of what Darth Vader was like between the films, Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. This is a comic book to pick up.

Vader is on his Star Destroyer but he isn’t in charge. With the events of the previous issue, The Emperor has given Vader someone new to handle him and he sends Vader on a mission to track down some rebels that have sent a drone ship on a mission to steal some Imperial goods. Vader has more than one purpose for this mission as he uses it as an opportunity to show his skill as a battle leader and as someone that can track down clues where there doesn’t seem to be any. The book is a good read and provides a nice payoff.

The book works well because Vader doesn’t go crazy with the action. He mostly allows his troopers to do the work as he did in Star Wars. He sets small pieces off on different purposes, like a game of chess, in subtle ways to get the results he’s ultimately working for. It also works because the visuals make this feel like Star Wars.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Darth Vader #2It’s well known that drawing a realistic Vader is very difficult. Whether it’s making him too bulky, awkward or just messing up the helmet, artists struggle with drawing him. While the visuals stick to more of the Vader film references, the visuals work really well because they fold into the story without forcing a reference into a scene that doesn’t make sense. The book has TIE-fighter action, Star Destroyers, blockade runner battles and more of what we’ve seen Vader do in the movies. Nothing too new or surprising but it screams out Star Wars page after page, which helps drive the story.

Darth Vader isn’t going to break any barriers. It’s pretty clear we are going to get more of what we’ve seen in the movies but that’s okay. A Vader comic book constructed like this is entertaining and visually beautiful and that’s really all you need in a comic book. If you like the genre I think you are going to love this comic book.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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