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sep090410 Geek Goggle Reviews: Dark Reign The List Amazing Spider-ManDark Reign The List: Amazing Spider-Man #1
Marvel Comics
Slott, Kubert, Morales & White

Spider-Man against the Iron Patriot doesn’t sound like an epic comic book at all. However, when it’s Norman Osborn in the armor and a ton of baggage is dragged into the fight and you add Adam Kubert as your artist with some clever quips and you have a heck of a comic book one shot. If you have a passing interest in Spider-Man and the Green Goblin then this issue is a can’t miss book.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Dark Reign The List Amazing Spider-ManPeter Parker is sick and tired of Norman Osborn taking over the world and having the world fall in love with him in the process. If you have no idea what Dark Reign is then just read the recap page or the Peter Parker narrative in the beginning to be filled in on everything you need to know about Osborn as Green Goblin and as the Iron Patriot.

Parker decides to take some initiative and steal something that will expose Osborn as a fraud to the public. This occurs at the same time that Osborn makes his way to Spider-Man’s name on his list. Spider-Man intruding on Osborn forces his hand, and though unprepared, Osborn welcomes the confrontation.

They fight. It’s a great fight, but the dialogue is what makes the fight interesting while the artwork makes the comic book nudge its way over the top.

As Osborn and Spidey battle we find that Osborn’s armor has some design flaws that Spidey exposes. Osborn also talks a lot about how much of a terrorist Spider-Man really is and how the public will finally find out once and for all who the real hero is. It’s a convinced set of dialogue as it seems Osborn has convinced himself of his hero status. Spider-Man ends up hitting Osborn with some of his own little bits of surprises as he begins to get under his skin by outsmarting him. The whole battle is packed with great action but it’s the intricacies of their mind battle that makes it stand out.

The art isn’t just detailed. It’s picturesque. However, it pops in other areas besides the amazing pencils. It’s eye-catching because of the layouts as well. Double page spreads with nine panels that read across both pages help frame the action in such a unique way. While the double page horizontal splash page brings more depth to the scene. The comic book represents some of the best usage of page layouts, colors, focus variance and details I’ve seen in a while.

The comic book doesn’t do anything crazy like resolve the Dark Reign conflict, but it does provide the face-off that you would expect to get from these two characters. It’s an oversized story with a decent reprint of a Bendis and Bagley comic from a few years ago. There is a lot to offer in this comic book for $4 which is not a common thing to find these days.

4.5 out of 5 geek goggles

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