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by Jeff

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1452890 Geek Goggle Reviews: Collider #1Collider #1
Vertigo Comics (DC)
Oliver & Rodriguez

Vertigo launches a new book called Collider and it looks to be a good one from the very issue. Generally just Vertigo launching a new idea is something to check out because it seems to occur so rarely. However, when you take away all the surrounding circumstances and just focus on the comic book you have a world-building issue that sets up the characters and sort of teases the larger problem and basically hooks the reader in for the long haul. If you like science-fiction and something totally different than I urge you to check the book out.

Basically this comic book presents the main characters through their profession. With strange phenomenon springing up, the government created a division to determine why it’s happening and what to do about it. As happens with government driven initiatives the best intentions slowly erode as funding dries up, clear direction isn’t given and bureaucracy gets in the way. The crew we are following here find their agency and their careers at a crossroad.

The three primary characters: Agents Hardy, Deluca and Kelly all have different backgrounds, levels of interest in their work and experience. The trio is witness to the latest law of physics violation as the comic gets launched into the first glimpse the reader gets into the overall problem.

It’s a good high concept and the characters all seem unique and interesting enough. However, the book is using a slow building approach for the first issue. You probably aren’t going to be knocked off your feet with this effort but if you are into the high concept then you will be back for more knowing the book is going to get insane. The comic also presents potential conflicts of interest among the main characters, which will have tentacles in the issues to come.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Collider #1
The artwork is very much in the Jeff Lemire vain. The book has a grainy, but detailed look to it. While the comparison is a good one and should be taken as a compliment the cover looks too similar to Lemire’s launch next week for Trillium. It almost loses its distinctness because of it. However, if Vertigo is looking for a house style then this is as good as it gets. The art has drama and sets a wonderful tone for science fiction.

The comic is a great start. The book sets up the concept and introduces the characters but there isn’t a ton in here to really blow you away by issue’s end. This is perfectly fine for the long form but it does make for a mild launch. The science fiction fan or those looking for something out of the ordinary should get ready for what’s looks to be a great ride.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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