Geek Goggle Reviews: Chew #11

by Jeff

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mar100423d Geek Goggle Reviews: Chew #11Chew #11
Image Comics
Layman & Guillory

Chew kicks off a new arc, called Just Desserts, with this issue. You might expect the first issue of an arc to be mostly setup with some new mystery popping up. They aren’t usually the kind of issue that blows you away. However, this issue shines because of the amazing character work and the storytelling ability of the creative team. Tony Chu has a wild ride in this issue and it’s a fantastic read all the way through.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Chew #11The issue begins with a scene from a long time ago. A caveman (or something appearing to be one) has a dustup with a couple of prehistoric creatures. This comes back later on in the issue in brilliant fashion as Tony Chu infiltrates an exclusive club that eats extinct animals. Chu ends up tasting some of them in a hilarious little loop to tie the opening back into the issue. This is just a sample of how this comic book stands out from the others.

However, the issue is more than just Tony Chu busting up the high end meat club. He also works on his love interest. Not only is Amelia an interesting character because of her profession (food critic with a twist) but she is also proving to be a perfect compliment for Tony in terms of being his conscience and confidant in the same way that Colby provides him a comedy pairing and someone to have outstanding arguments with. The comic book continues to build up the supporting cast and add in new characters to serve individual issues. All of the characters have uniqueness to them.

As always we get amazing artwork. All of the humor and sarcasm is enhanced with the art. The art adds some much exaggeration to the characters that they stand out in any situation with their variance of expressions. The comic book is also loaded with little humorous nuggets tucked in the background. There’s a lot to love about how this comic book is constructed.

By now this series has left its mark on being different. However, each issue manages to tell an entertaining, distinct and funny story. With the start of a new arc you won’t find a better jump on point or a better issue to fall in love with the series over.

5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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