Geek Goggle Reviews: Bitch Planet #2

by Jeff

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662325_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Bitch Planet #2Bitch Planet #2
Image Comics
DeConnick & De Landro

Bitch Planet churns out another entertaining read with the second issue. This comic book brings out some of the larger plot elements at play as well as continuing to establish the prison story lines. After the previous issue it didn’t appear that any single character was going to pop out soon as the protagonist but this issue proves otherwise. The visuals are the real treat of the comic book as there are two scenes in particular that are unique and very effective at showing and not telling. This is a series to pick up.

The comic begins with scenes from Earth. We get an idea of how things are in this odd future state of the world. The Fathers are in power and they seem to be concerned with matters of entertainment. Not necessarily ratings but something of that vain. The primary Father, Josephson, isn’t an immediately unlikable character but he does have a bit of a power hungry attitude that marks as the main bad guy.

Back on the prison Planet we get to know our protagonist, Kam, a little bit more. She’s getting forced to admit to the murder that occurred in the previous issue. She resists and is instead offered to head some sort of competitive team. Could it be gladiators? We don’t know the details yet and she declines. The rest of the issue plays out the team forming plot thread with another good, but not great cliffhanger.

The comic book is still in its world-building phase and there is nothing wrong with that. The book provides enough of a story for a good read while building up for the larger picture. I haven’t been able to pick up too many of the themes that are described in the back matter but we will have to wait to see if these are delivered in the way they are teased.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Bitch Planet #2The book excels in artwork. The best scene in the book is during the prison exercise sequence. While two different characters are trying to convince Kam to build the team and compete, there is a huge brawl in the background. Ten plus panels are spent building up the confrontation in the background and it had me engaged and laughing. I found myself watching that as my primary focus and then reading the dialogue second. The other excellent piece of art is the confession scene. The details and panel of the visions getting presented are very similar to that found in Chew when Tony eats some food. These scenes are just the tip of the artistic iceberg that makes this comic book unique.

Bitch Planet is proving to be a good read. It has a lot of elements that feel similar to that of Hunger Games but it has a sharper edge so far. This is a comic book worth picking up and checking out. It won’t be for everyone but you will be entertained if you read it. I recommend checking this out.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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