Geek Goggle Reviews: Batman The Unseen #4

by Jeff

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sep090127 Geek Goggle Reviews: Batman The Unseen #4Batman Unseen #4 of 5
DC Comics
Moench & Jones

Round two of Batman versus the Meat Man has less than definitive results. For the most part this is Batman regrouping from his failed battle with the Meat Man from the last issue. He figures out where he was going wrong and moves back to square one to find the Meat Man. Then, Batman goes in for more. This issue calls upon some classic Batman traits to tell the story as it goes back to his roots as a detective. It’s a good issue as we begin to understand why the Meat Man case is one for Batman and not the cops to solve.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Batman The Unseen #4The issue is divided into four chapters. The first being titled “Corpse Clued”. In this chapter Batman licks his wounds. He begins to make a device to allow him to see the Meat Man when he is fully invisible. After he recruits one confidant, Alfred, to help finish the lenses he visits another, Gordon, for some clues. Gordon gives Batman some details about another victim that has washed up. Ballistics link the bullet to the same gun the Meat Man’s used in the other murders which means Batman needs to figure out how the location of the body ties into finding the Meat Man. They don’t call him the world’s greatest detective for nothing.

“River Rushed” is the second chapter and Batman traces the steps of the dead body to figure out how to find the Meat Man. This part of the comic uses some inner monologue to reveal the thought process that goes on when Batman is tracking down his prey. It’s a terrific part of the comic and yet it’s just so simple. You don’t get much more classic detective than in this four page sequence.

The third chapter is titled “Reasons Revealed” and this is the second confrontation between Batman and Meat Man. While Batman shows how he has learned from the first confrontation with the invisible man he also taps into the Meat Man’s mind. It seems as we learn more about the character that he’s really losing his mind with each injection of the invisible serum.

The issue concludes with “Meat Morphed” as Batman loses his advantage.

The comic is a solid Batman story. It doesn’t use any of the classic villains. It doesn’t have any complicating capers. It’s just a mad scientist that’s gone off the rails just enough to warrant involvement from Batman. The story is very good and this issue may be the best in the series. Watching how Batman doesn’t always win makes this story all the more enjoyable.

The artwork is great again. The characters have a menacing, creepy look to them. As always, Batman has exaggerated features, including a ridiculously long cape that he uses to wrap around the invisible Meat Man in what may be the best scene in the comic. The art also excels very well as it shows the various layers of the Meat Man becomes gradually visible. The artwork is on top of its game, but it definitely is an acquired taste.

Batman just can’t seem to get a hold on the Meat Man, but nobody can track an invisible man like Batman. The question now is about whether or not the Meat Man has any other victim on his list. Is the Meat Man now just a villain on the run or does he even have a next step for Batman to solve? The finale should be a good one.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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