Geek Goggle Reviews: Batman And Robin #23.1 Two-Face

by Jeff

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1500938 Geek Goggle Reviews: Batman And Robin #23.1 Two-FaceBatman and Robin #23.1 (Two-Face)
DC Comics
Tomasi & March

The Two-Face one-shot might be the best of this week’s crop of DC’s 3D covers. The book holds true to the character, it tells a nice and concise one-shot and it also keeps in tone with the Batman and Robin title and direction. This is still a throwaway but it is a pretty entertaining read.

Two-Face is doing what he does: flipping a coin and deciding what to do next when the Scarecrow comes in. Scarecrow offers Two-Face a spot in the villain cabal and with a new coin to go along with it. Two-Face typically marches to his own beat and is reluctant but Scarecrow offers him some incentive. After this scene, Two-Face decides to provide the lawless city with some justice.

As Two-Face rounds up some criminals and begins to hold court in his old stomping grounds: the courthouse when was the District Attorney, he actually sides with the civilian good guys. However, this justice he is dishing out is in direct conflict with his new villain buddies. Two-Face has a solution for that too.

The comic book has good flow to it and tells a story that falls in line with what you would expect from this character in the current continuity. The book is definitely a throwaway as no other relevant characters even make an appearance. However, it is a nice showcase for the character in a city without Batman.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Batman And Robin #23.1 Two-FaceThe 3D cover is a great one. You couldn’t ask for a better 3D depiction of Two-Face. The interiors are also great. The book feels like a crime alley kind of book which is perfect. The book also manages to build up tension, especially when you consider that it’s impossible to guess what Two-Face might do next. Overall, the book has some great visuals to back up a solid story.

The DC one-shots have not been that good thus far. However, this one proves that when a story is done in a manner that is accessible but still appealing to those consistent readers then you will have a comic that has the potential to reach a broader audience. This book definitely is one to pick up if you are a Batman fan, a Two-Face fan or if you just curious about the cool covers. I recommend tracking this one down.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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