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by Jeff

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1556669 Geek Goggle Reviews: Batman #24Batman #24
DC Comics
Snyder, Capullo, Miki

The seven dollar, fifty plus page finale of the re-telling of Batman’s origin in the opening arc of the Year Zero story concludes with another rock solid issue. If you find this comic series to be fantastic then this is more of the same, only in a longer issue. However, I would offer up that if you only buy one issue in the Snyder-Capullo run then this is the issue to pick up because of what it covers. Even at the inflated price I found this comic to be well worth the price of admission. This book continues to be the beacon of hope in DC’s current publishing crop.

This is the comic where Bruce Wayne first puts on the costume and charges into battle. This is the issue that cements his relationship with Alfred as they strive towards a common goal as a unified team. This is the first success Batman gains but it also illustrates the cost of that victory. It’s a very important piece of Batman’s history. It’s a great issue that doesn’t trend too much over ground covered many times before.

Bruce Wayne tries to solve the Red Hood’s criminal plans. He exhausts some of his avenues, but also calls into battle some new, but familiar allies. The comic focuses on Batman chasing after Hood rather than how he got his costume or why he decided the cave should be his home base. I think this helped to make the story seem fresh instead of just another origin story.

The final confrontation uses some fantastic visuals and calls back to some of the various Batman origin stories that you may have seen in comics or in the films. I like that Snyder decided to add these little bits in here to bring a level of familiarity to this re-telling of the origin for the seasoned reader, but they don’t consume the comic book. As you might suspect, the ending is a bit of a loose end and the costume that Bruce brings out into the public sets in motion the new age of criminal to deal with.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Batman #24Capullo leaves his mark on this issue. The usage of the Bat-symbol may be the best I’ve seen in many years and they come at surprising times and are made to look dark, but powerful. I credit Capullo with much of the stage setting in this comic. The visuals are done in such a way that I can hear a soundtrack playing out in my head and that is something that a great comic can do when the visuals are at the top of their game as they are here.

Batman is a great book. This individual issue is a great read because it takes the reader on the journey that transforms Bruce Wayne into Batman. It’s not a holistic victory and the novice Batman probably should have some subtle failure early on. The book is simply a great read and I recommend picking it up for anyone that has any interest in the character.

4.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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