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by Jeff

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660443_320 Geek Goggle Reviews: Batgirl #36Batgirl #36
DC Comics
Stewart, Fletcher, Tarr & Wicks

This issue of Batgirl continues a lot of the ideas we saw in the first issue of the new creative team. The book is focused on Batgirl and how she goes through day-to-day life and deals with her problems. She is faced with a couple of strange villains in this issue but the bulk of the book is spent with her investigating and the reader getting to know her mindset in the process. This is definitely an issue to pick up and a series to watch.

Barbara Gordon is trying to recover her deleted data while trying to find some peace living with her new roommate and her temporary roommate, Black Canary. While this is going on she stumbles into a robbery investigation and then stumbles into a couple of bikers harassing some innocents. Things begin to unravel and then tie together as Batgirl gets dragged deeper and deeper into a larger issue.

It’s a good read. It’s a dense read. There is enough action to keep you from getting bored but it definitely has the bulk of the book going through the dialogue and the churn of Barbara’s life. The comic has a younger vibe to it and doesn’t hide from that at all. Part of what makes this enjoyable is that it has a wider range of potential audience than the previous run and a lot of DC’s other books.

One of the best aspects of this comic book is the originality behind it. Not the storylines per se but the fact that so few DC comics focus on characters. In fact, most of their line seems to have characters with zero personality. The dialogue and actions are interchangeable. This comic book gives a unique voice to Batgirl and her supporting cast and makes the plot elements such a small component of the books that the pages are basically her talking about dealing with the problems. Getting to know a character like this, from the ground up, just isn’t something we see a lot these days in comic books.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Batgirl #36The artwork makes sure to keep the visuals light and airy. This is definitely not a dark book. It’s a book meant to show the fabulous side of life. It is clearly meant to be an energetic book and the artwork helps to get that point across nicely.

Batgirl is in uncharted territory. She is out from Batman and all the crazy villains she normally squares off with. In some ways this is a reboot of the character. This one is making her way through everyday life while turning into Batgirl when a real problem arises instead of trying to watch the streets every night. This is a fun comic book and a nice take on the character. This is one to pick up.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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