Geek Goggle Reviews: American Vampire #24

by Jeff

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1102057 Geek Goggle Reviews: American Vampire #24American Vampire #24
Vertigo Comics (DC Comics)
Snyder & Albuquerque

In case you missed picking up last issue I need to spoil something in this review, so the first paragraph is the spoiler-free review. Essentially, the lead character, Travis, continues to death-duel his nemesis in a car chase that resembles a 1950s drag race. The book is well written and well drawn as always. The arc feels like it is taking too long (what book doesn’t have that problem these days?), generally speaking, but as usual, American Vampire delivers one of the best reads in comic books today. If you haven’t even tried this book you are missing out and you really don’t have to care at all about vampire stories to enjoy it.

Travis continues to try to kill off the vampire responsible for killing his family. This issue really doesn’t give much background on what happened to his family, but it does give insight into how he got out of his “treatment” center and how he came into first contact with the other vampire hunters. This is all excellent background work that makes all of his moves that much more believable.

Skinner Sweet is drained of power but he still has a lot on Travis during the car chase. It seems clear that much of Travis’ tricks rely on him having guns available and he is out of his element when sparring with Sweet on the hood of his car. The girl clearly gets in his way but also manages to keep him alive longer than he should have been. The book ends with the bang that was teased in the first issue of the arc.

The issue is nearly wall-to-wall action. It’s thrilling stuff as the pair fight on the hoods of their car. I found myself so sucked into the close up action I basically forgot the cars were still moving. I’m not sure if this was a strategic point to the art direction or if drawing close-ups of characters fighting on moving cars at night isn’t all that easy to depict, but either way it worked. I was fixated on the conflict until the end.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: American Vampire #24I love the art. It’s obvious that when the characters go all-out vampire is when the art is at its most suspenseful. However, this issue captures pain and horror in a lot wider of a range, which is what makes the book so unique. I found the most chilling sequence to be when young Travis finds his way into Dr Malik’s office. This was perfect for a character defining moment as well as creating some level of heard, but not seen horror.

American Vampire is probably the best comic book I read each month. It’s in that Walking Dead, Chew and Elephantmen class of books that pushes the envelope and takes the reader to places most books don’t even try. This issue is building to a huge conclusion and I suspect, yet another, big reveal. I simply can’t wait for the next issue to drop. I highly recommend checking this book out.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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