Geek Goggle Reviews: American Vampire #23

by Jeff

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1096111 Geek Goggle Reviews: American Vampire #23American Vampire #23
Vertigo Comics (DC Comics)
Snyder & Albuquerque

American Vampire is a comic book that ties things together arc to arc. This issue is a perfect example of how Snyder reuses characters and revisits arcs through these characters. This particular issue reveals the identity of the mysterious vampire and I have to say I was thrilled at the reveal. The book provides a little more background about the young vampire hunter but doesn’t quite connect all the dots. As always the story and the visuals manage to entertain, scare and delight all within one issue. This is a great issue in a great series.

Basically this book is broken out into two parts that are woven together. The car chase is right out of the 1950s as Snyder shows great understanding of history and how to play up the stereotypes that most readers probably assume about the time period. The car chase scene gives the reader some insight into the obsession of the young vampire killer. However, as he is chasing the mystery vampire Snyder gives us a glimpse of his origin.

Again, Snyder plays up to reader’s expectations of what would be an awful childhood filled with orphanage, misunderstanding, abuse, psychiatric institutions and lobotomies. We don’t exactly know who this kid is but based on some of the other hints dropped it wouldn’t be too surprising if he is linked to characters that have already appeared in the book. It certainly pays to read this series very carefully issue to issue.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: American Vampire #23The artwork is excellent. I found Albuquerque’s pencils to look a lot like Sean Murphy which isn’t a bad thing. If anything I think the franchise is taking on a “house” style that will only help to keep the book looking uniform in the same way that Preacher and Scalped have done. The art brings such a high level of energy and danger that the story almost becomes secondary. The scene with the knife in the gas pedal was executed perfectly from a dramatic standpoint. Visually, this is a fantastic issue.

Perhaps the best part about this series is that the characters drive the story. At the heart of the story we have vampires and those that kill them. It seems so straightforward. However, Snyder plugs in complex characters and unique situations to help tell the stories. This issue is no different than the other twenty-two in the series. It’s got a fast-paced story filled with drama, mystery and action and is backed up with excellent artwork. This arc is only going to get better. I can’t recommend this issue and series enough.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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