Geek Goggle Reviews: American Vampire #11

by Jeff

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965741 Geek Goggle Reviews: American Vampire #11American Vampire #11
Vertigo Comics (DC Comics)
Snyder & Santolouco

The second and final issue of the arc entitled, “The Way Out” wraps up with another very strong issue in a terrific series. Snyder, in just two issues, manages to add strength to his series by building up three characters that haven’t seen much action since the opening issues of the series. Snyder’s got a wide array of characters now that all are capable of carrying an issue or an arc or more. This was a great read.

This issue picks up just as the action is about to start. Henry and Pearl are being ambushed. Pearl cuts loose and puts on display what an American vampire is capable of compared to the normal rank and file vampire. Pearl is ruthless and as impressive as the action is the art brings these opening panels to another level.

Henry is forced to deal with his own dilemma during the fight and the subsequent fallout. Henry just isn’t sure if he wants to be turned by Pearl into a vampire. It’s obvious that the characters love each other but can the love be sustained over time if one is an ageless vampire and the other is a mortal man? The scenes between the two really unravel this relationship and build these characters up nicely in the process.

The other component to this issue is Hattie’s search for her former friend Pearl. Hattie has a big time score to settle with Pearl and she is in a foul mood after all that time locked up and being tortured by her captor. The scenes with Hattie turn her into a great villain that could potentially rival that of Skinner, the chief character of the series. Hattie’s existence is now tied to that of Pearl’s it seems. This is going to be an interesting subplot to follow down the road.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: American Vampire #11As mentioned above the artwork is at its best during the initial fight scenes when Henry and Pearl take on a bunch of vampires. Pearl is downright menacing. No level of gore is spared in the fight scenes. Stakes in the heart, fingers through the skull, it’s all in here and it’s shocking. Santolouco also adds depth to the issue with the emotional scenes between Henry and Pearl. The comic book tells a terrific visual story to go along with Snyder’s script.

This issue of American Vampire has a lot to offer to a wide range of fan’s interests. Sure, there are the elements of vampires and horror, but there is also a couple’s struggle and a shattered friendship resulting in revenge. The comic book even has some parts that I found chuckling at despite the horrifying images. The book is simply strong in a lot of directions. Now that the book has been dropped to the $3 price point there really isn’t much reason not to pick this book up and give it a try. Even if vampires aren’t your thing I think this book is worth giving it a shot. I definitely recommend this book.

4.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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