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by Jeff

by Elisabeth@TFAW

nov082433d Geek Chick: Solicitation Copy of the MonthAs I was scooting through our upcoming graphic novels, I spotted some solicitation copy that knocked my socks off! I swear I did not write this*, and now I really want to take a look at Marvel Masterworks Human Torch HC Vol. 02 Variant Edition Vol. 113:

“Hot dog! The swingin’ ’60s solo adventures of the Human Torch come to a cacophonous conclusion in this much-demanded Masterworks milestone!

Written by the one-and-only sultan of the Silver Age, Stan Lee, and illustrated by the Bullpen’s professor of pencilling, Darlin’ Dick Ayers, these tales of the Torch (and his odd-couple partner, the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing) are bona fide and certified cover-to-cover fun!

Join in as the Torch tests his mettle against the Wizard, the riotous Rabble Rouser, and Plantman. Then, place your bets in the battle of fire and ice between Johnny Storm and the X-Men’s Iceman, illustrated by Jack Kirby!

After that, it’s team-up time! The Thing joins the show, and it’s clobberin’ time vs. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, Paste-Pot Pete, the Beetle (not those Beatles, they come later), the Mad Thinker, and the Puppet Master. And before we close it all down comes . . . the Watcher!

Guest-staring the Amazing Spider-Man, the X-Men, four guys named John, Paul, George, and Ringo, and if that doesn’t sell you on it, then I’ve got five words that will: “Thing in a Beatle wig.” That’s it! We stuck a fork in ya. So reserve that copy today, True Believer!”

Wow . . . the Thing in a Beatle wig? Multiple guest stars? $20 adjectives? How could I resist?

What do you think, true believers? Is that the best blurb you’ve read all month or what?

*There was, however, some editing on my part, for readability’s sake!

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