Gary Phillips’ HIGH ROLLERS A Critically-Acclaimed Hit

by Jeff


July 9th, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) — Within only one week of the debut of Gary Phillips’ new crime series, HIGH ROLLERS, critics across the internet have applauded:

“BOOM! Studios continues to impress. They’ve gotten themselves one hell of a writer to bring to the table one hell of a comic. Gary Phillips, who’s no stranger to hard crime drama (check out BANGERS), has put together a great first chapter to what could be one of the best crime stories of the year — books, TV, and movies included.” — Comics Bulletin

“What a terrific first issue.. HIGH ROLLERS is the real deal and this is a great series that hits all the right notes. GRADE A” — Comics And…

“Ša compelling crime drama set on the streets of Los Angeles, populated with convincing and thoughtfully crafted characters.” — Eye On Comics

“Intelligently written” — Project Fanboy

“[HIGH ROLLERS] really shines… Phillips keeps the story humming along.” — Comic Mix

“Phillips has introduced a fantastic character with real potential…” — Comics Waiting Room

“Intriguing.” — Rack Raids

“Novelist Phillips has crafted a great script here; it just zips along, and no matter what you think of CQ or what he does, you’re in the story… A strong debut. 4 out of 5” – Comixtreme

A blitzkrieg press tour has accompanied Phillips’ new series debut. In addition to being spotlighted in an article by Publisher’s Weekly, Phillips recently took readers on the first part of a four part tour of his hometown Los Angeles. “Gary Phillips: The L.A. of High Rollers” part 1 of 4 premieres today exclusively on Comic Book Resources:

Phillips was also recently interviewed by Greg Rucka at Newsarama ( and called into Comixology for a featured podcast about the series (

Phillips previously wrote the comics series ANGEL TOWN for Vertigo as well as SHOT CALLERZ and MIDNIGHT MOVER for Oni Press, but he is best known for a series of mystery novels featuring private eye Ivan Monk. He’s also currently writing CITIZEN KANG, a weekly prose political thriller hosted on The Nation’s Web site.

Scarface has nothing on Cameron Quinn, the ruthless upstart lead character of HIGH ROLLERS #1, out to make a name for himself in this tale of crime and destiny from critically acclaimed mystery novelist Gary Phillips (HIGH HAND, BANGERS)! Phillips shines a harsh light on the action and drama of the L.A. underworld with this inner-city spin on THE SOPRANOS! A potent mix of AMERICAN GANGSTER and THE WIRE, for fans of Brubaker’s CRIMINAL!

Written by Gary Phillips and drawn by Sergio Martín Carrera, HIGH ROLLERS debuted this July.

HighRollers_01_cvr Gary Phillips' HIGH ROLLERS A Critically-Acclaimed HitHighRollers_02_cvr Gary Phillips' HIGH ROLLERS A Critically-Acclaimed Hit
HighRollers_03_cvr Gary Phillips' HIGH ROLLERS A Critically-Acclaimed HitHighRollers_04_cvr Gary Phillips' HIGH ROLLERS A Critically-Acclaimed Hit
HighRollers_01_rev_Page_06 Gary Phillips' HIGH ROLLERS A Critically-Acclaimed HitHighRollers_01_rev_Page_21 Gary Phillips' HIGH ROLLERS A Critically-Acclaimed Hit

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