Gareb Shamus, Peter Levin and Peter Guber Launch GeekChicDaily

by Jeff

wizard_entertainment_logo Gareb Shamus, Peter Levin and Peter Guber Launch GeekChicDailyMedia Release — Media veterans, Gareb Shamus, Peter Levin and Peter Guber today announced the launch of GeekChicDaily (, a free daily email newsletter and website appealing to popular culture enthusiasts. As the geek authority for bleeding edge bite-sized entertainment content delivered straight into the inboxes of self-proclaimed geeks everywhere, GeekChicDaily represents the shared passion of its three founders by capturing the enthusiasm of the fan in a daily must-read shot-in-the-arm of editorial. Scott Gramling, former editor-in-chief of FHM and Wizard, is GeekChicDaily’s editor-in-chief and is responsible for the tone of the publication.

GeekChicDaily is a free opt-in daily email newsletter and one-stop resource for relevant and discerning content for video games, technology and applications, comics, collectibles, gear and TV and film; including spotlights on creators and luminaries, opinionated tips, picks and recommendations that are a reflection of the GeekChic lifestyle and personality.

Leveraging Gareb Shamus’ Wizard Entertainment platform, GeekChicDaily is entering the market with a loyal base of followers. Shamus is the founder and publisher of Wizard Magazine, considered the most influential in the comic book, toy and character-based genre. Shamus also publishes ToyFare and FunFare magazines and owns and operates the Big Apple, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto and Anaheim Comic Con festivals.

“This is the same feeling I had 20 years ago when Wizard was launched as a newsletter,” states Shamus. “With Peter Levin, Peter Guber and Scott Gramling, we have the best team in place to take our fans on a new adventure every single day.”

“In the geek-o-system that is popular culture, Gareb and Wizard are a great white,” says Levin, an active player in the video game space. Levin was an early investor in Gamespy Industries and serves on the board of directors of Habbo. Continues Levin, “Gareb and I have been friends for many years and we’ve searched for the right project to embark upon together. Peter Guber became the secret sauce and GeekChicDaily was brought to life. We strive to bring to market a daily, shot-in-the-arm of editorial covering the things we all get such a kick out of.”

“GeekChicDaily captures the passion and thirst these hardcore fans have for being the first to know what is cool before the rest of the world finds out,” said Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group and entertainment business thought leader and visionary. “My professional passion is all about storytelling; GeekChicDaily will allow us to tell pop culture stories in the most compelling way possible.”

Fans will have the ability to sign up today for the GeekChicDaily email newsletter and dive into the exclusive content, razor sharp editorial and discover the best geek-friendly products.

About GeekChicDaily

Founded by Wizard’s Gareb Shamus, digital entertainment entrepreneur Peter Levin and Mandalay Entertainment Group CEO Peter Guber, GeekChicDaily is a free daily email newsletter and website appealing to popular culture enthusiasts. It’s where smart enthusiasts go to enhance their everyday thirst for cool yet geeky information. GeekChicDaily is funded by investors Peter Guber and Mandalay Corporate Enterprises, Kyoraku Yoshimoto Holdings and Ken Wegner of The Jel Sert Company.

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