aliens-1-198x300 Game On: Aliens #1“Game over man, game over!” This hilarious line by one of the more popular characters in Aliens (the movie) is somewhat prophetic. Those poor Colonial Marines don’t last long against arguably the deadliest fictional creatures ever devised in cinema. I am speaking of course of that cult classic Aliens, by James Cameron. This movie is a popular sci-fi flick and can really get those creative juices flowing as a writer. One helluva sci-fi flick that still wows even today.

James Cameron’s Aliens is a masterpiece that lives on well into the 21st Century. The creatures that he modified from the original space horror flick Alien have become the version that we have seen in movies time and again. Kudos to the talented directing of Cameron, magnificent casting, and brilliant decision to create his own brand of Aliens. These suckers are as fast as Usain Bolt but are they profitable to own in comics? Since the Disney purchase, what kind of trends has Aliens #1 displayed? Further, what might Aliens #1 earn in the future?



alien-dallas-300x186 Game On: Aliens #1Catalyst

About a year and six months ago Disney acquired the rights to Aliens and Predator (Yeah, I know is there anything left they don’t own?). This means one thing, the comics attached to these franchises will expand and grow on the Hulu Network thanks to Disney. It won’t have the Disney name but it will have Disney level of success. The initial plan last year was for an ongoing TV series about Aliens. I haven’t seen any additional news on this as current projects are even getting pushed back. This success will drive Aliens #1 the comic book into the stratosphere.


aliens-1-198x300 Game On: Aliens #1Aliens #1

Dark Horse Comics did a fantastic job of bringing Aliens to life in comic books. The series started with Aliens #1. This comic book was written by Mark Verheiden with pencils and inks by Mark A. Nelson in May 1988. This is the first appearance of Aliens in comics. Let’s review the last two years, from the purchase by Disney of the Aliens rights forward to the current day. Will Disney magic work on this first appearance of Aliens? Can we expect more profits in the future from an Aliens TV series or movie?

Disney Acquisition of Alien’s Franchise March 19, 2019, to YTD:

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Aliens #1 9.8 $664 43 +5.2%
9.6 $450 109 +97.3%
9.4 $135 54 +85%
9.2 $79 31 +19.5%

disney-alien-1-300x183 Game On: Aliens #1Conclusion

As inevitable, as an Alien face-hugger exploding out of a victim’s chest; this book Aliens #1 has been a sure thing since the Disney acquisition. Additionally, pursuing the Predator series is probably an equally profitable action. But Aliens has a huge draw and rather solid performance over the last 500 plus days. Additionally, the book has returns across the spectrum of near mint grades from 9.2 thru to 9.8.



alien-marine-firing-300x162 Game On: Aliens #1Even better is the total outstanding books for this franchise, a total of 311 in CGC Census inventory. This gives wide room for the price to increase substantially and most importantly safely. This being a Modern Age book there could be many still outstanding in-home boxes. My thought is that most people own them and don’t even know it!

Far from this saga being “Game over dude” this comic book Aliens #1 is like a 10mm ARMAT M41A MK2 Pulse Rifle with fully loaded armor-piercing shells ready to “Rock n’ Roll” in your colonial marine hands. Aliens #1 the comic book is strictly “game on” at this point, don’t muster out of the speculative corps before you pick up a copy for your collection.


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Luis August 5, 2020 - 5:14 am

Maybe you want to mention Usain Bolt instead of Hussein Bolt!
Keep going wtih the great work.

Norman Robinson III August 15, 2020 - 9:52 am

Good catch Luis. I went in and corrected it. Thanks for reading. Nam


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